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A few shelter babies

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My next newest addition if she doesn't get adopted soon - Sha Sha Gabor - the diva in white. She's an amazing kitty, just, erm, tempermental occaisonally. She's the queen & she knows it - why don't you?? It's been well over 6 months, if not 8-9 months, since she arrived.

Black babies - likely going to grow up in their cage

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The most adorable kittens EVER

One of 3 "strays" that aren't really strays (all 3 have the most BEAUTIFUL green eyes!)

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OMG!!!! I have a mental picture in my head of them all running around in my house right now! Their gorgeous!!
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Oh my god, the white girls has the most gorgeous eyes!! And the black kittens are posed so perfectly. And I will take the calico kitten.
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Awwwwwww! Look at those little licorice drops!!! My heart is melting. I know what you mean about black cats...

In fact, I think we might have just placed a year-old DMH named Bryce. He's soooooo sweet and docile. And playful.
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Awwwww, look at those sweeties--especially the black babies. Sigh.
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OMG - they are all precious!!! I want one!!!
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I have two comments.

1. I am absolutely amazed that Sha Sha Gabor is not living at your house.

2. I want all of them! Fortunately for me you are half a continent away from where I live.

But I still want one of those kittens.
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Sha Sha is simply gorgeous! Those eyes are amazing!

I love the kittens too... how I long to play with and snuggle them!
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It is so wierd, I always hear people say black cats are so hard to adopt out, and whenever we have black kittens they are the first to go People around here seem to love them I have 4 black kittens from 2 seperate litters and applications for all of them already! I wish it were this easy to rehome them everywhere. All the kittens and cats are so cute! and I have a white female cat also, she is 4 years old and has the prettiest soft green eyes!and she is a polydactyl.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post

This one cries out for a LOLcat caption!
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Originally Posted by CheshireCat View Post
1. I am absolutely amazed that Sha Sha Gabor is not living at your house.
She almost was on several occasions, but has "issues" that have repeatedly made me balk. She is developing further behavioral issues from being in the cage, I mean - she looks soooo darn cute, but you get her out & she can get rough fast. She is, on the bright side, no longer aggressive towards other cats or dogs, has come to accept them...that was my biggest fear.

We'll give her more time at the shelter, I have other things I must tend to - and thankfully we don't have a "time limit" on how long animals stay - so we'll give her more time to get adopted.
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You know which ones I so would want
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post

She is sooooo beautiful.

what a basket full of awwwwwwww. I love black kitties....especially solid black, OR Moo kitties.

ETA: I just looked again, those black kitties are in the shape of a heart... You could draw a heart around them ♥
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The little black kittens... Gosh they are so sweet. It is sad that people don't want to adopt them.

When I went to the shelter originally, almost a year and a half ago when I adopted Mithril, I wanted to find two black kittens because that is what I wanted. They are so pretty. More people should like black.
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They are all so cute!!! but the black kittens are oh so adorable! especially the one with the big round eyes! i wish i could have them all

i hope someone adopts them ASAP!
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They are stunning. they get adopted
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Heavens, the photos of the little black babies are SO adorable I hope they don't grow up in their cage, they deserve love and a furever home too
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She certainly does look like Zsa Zsa! She is absolutely gorgeous too! So regal!

I died laughing when I saw the photo of all the black cats in the bed. It looks too perfect! They are super cute.
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