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Will you give me 20 thousand dollars please?!?

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Have you seen this website before??

Save Karyn

This woman racked up $20K in debt and then asked people on the internet to pay her debt for her....and people did!!! Then she became so popular that she was given book deals and interview appearances. Now she has a new internet site to tell other people how to do the same thing!

Save Karyn 2

Wow....and I thought I actually had to work to pay off my debts!!Silly me!

Hmmm.....www.SaveKass.com will be up by next week. Please send your extra bucks my way!!!

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Did I respond in the wrong thread? Kass, if you promise the money will go for food and treats for Nakita, it's on the way!
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Get Nakita a job. I'm sure that there are pet food companies just salovating to use her in a commercial.
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You just stand out by your curb Kass and watch your mailbox. One, $300,000 check is on it's way! Of course if you cash it I will be in deep kimchee!
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What I don't understand is, she was in so much debt, but she could afford the domain to put this site up? Hmmmm....
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Maybe she put it on her credit card! LOL

Hey, maybe, I should start a website "Keep Us Off of County Assistance!" That may hold us over until we get a job! Hey it's just an idea
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I can't say anythign I have a donate button on my site for my kitties but at least that is a good cause! I have over 20000 in credit card debit but i would never expect other people to pay it off for me!
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hmm.. maybe I can seriously do that to get sponsor money for the pageant Im in?? I made it to the Nationals, and No one will sponsor me.. Everyones so mean.. and all I need is $899 lol If she can get 20,000 dollars Im sure I can get $899 LOL!!

(Unseriously) Send your bucks my way, Ill Do PutMeThroughSchool.com LOL!! Or LetMePleaseGoToMyNationalPageant.com

Hmm.. Maybe one for the kitties to.. money for their cat food be nice too LOL!! Its so expensive!! And I have to Pay For Half because my mom doesnt have much money.. And I dont have a job..
For my kitties how bout : FeedMyKitties.com??

They all will be up soon LOL If someone could loan me there credit card?? LOL!!!!
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When the website first came out, one of the DJs of a local radio station mentioned it. So I had to go see what it was about. I pretty much followed the progress of SaveKaryn until the point her debt had disappeared.

I don't really know how I feel about other people paying off this woman's credit card debt, but at least she was honest about it. She didn't give a sob-story or anything like that. I was just surprised it worked really. Good for her, I guess.
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She got herself into that mess, through irresponsible behavior and she should have gotten herself out of it. What's to stop her from getting stupid again and expecting handouts?

I live within MY income - why can't she?
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I saw that website in the past and think its ridiculous.. What a scam!!!
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I don't know if it would be considered a scam. She supposedly was honest about her debt, and the money that was sent to her were donations to her 'get out of debt' cause.

I'm not exactly supporting her angle of becoming debt-free again, but I don't know if I could really say she did anything wrong either. She didn't force those people to send her money, she simply asked, and they actually did. That's the part that's kind of unbeliveable. So really, if she does get herself into debt again, and expects handouts, all those people that sent her a couple dollars are to blame because they bailed her out the first time. Just my thoughts.
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Perhaps they were impressed with her Honesty? Most people would of lied or made up a sob story or two? It cost her a lot (inside) to put that website up- that is a lot of pride to conquer in one sitting IMO
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Wasnt she collecting money to pay off her shopping bills and credit cards? I dunno, sounds like a scam to me!
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