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Very Underweight Kitten  

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I need fast advice please. Juliet's kittens are 7 weeks old now and all are thriving except 1. He had a very bad infected paw 2 weeks ago and the vet wound up wrapping it too tight, claiming it was broken,a dn hurting him much more. His infection has come around but he has lost A LOT of weight and cannot support his back legs. I have been force feeding him a/d food 3 x's daily but he is SO weak and I am very worried. Is there anything else I can do? He doesn't play like his siblings do. He just sleeps a lot. He is zso thin. You can feel his ribs and every bone.
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You need to get the kitten to a vet, kittens go downhill fast so he needs professional help.
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Can you get him to a different vet? A cat specialist would be best.
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he's been to the vet twice. I can't take him again until monday. I am so worried. He can barely walk. He is eating on his own though.
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It sounds like there might be something else going on besides just not eating. Do you have a place where you can isolate him from the other kittens until you can get him to the vet? You might also try feeding him more frequent small meals. Don't try to make him stay awake and play. His little body needs the rest to heal.
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I am so worried about him. I've fed him and stimulated his little but to get as much poop out as possible. There was blood in his poop. He's been wormed so I was worried about that. But my biggest concern is he's meowing this PITTIFUL meow. There are no vets open where I am and I do not know what to do for him. He cannot put any weight on his back legs. He just kinda slides down. I know something is wrong but what do I do for the next 36 hrs till we can get to the vet?
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There was a thread recently about a kitty with weakness in the back legs. I can't find it right now. Anybody know where this is?
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Ok bit of a rant...


I had a kitten who was underweight, wasn't very active, it took a lot to warm her up - she always felt chilled. She liked to cuddle & sleep a lot.

One day I came home, to find her curled up and stiff. She wasn't dead, but within 12 hours, she had gone from a cuddle puff to near dead.

I rushed her to the vet, but it was too late. I torment myself every single day that if I had taken her when my instincts told me something wasn't quite right... that she might be alive today, and the grief you feel when you loose a kitten, whom although young you love, is so intense - you don't want to have to go through what I did.

If a kitten is 7 weeks, it should weigh at least 700 grams, maybe a little less at worse, if your kitten is any less, it's probably not doing that great.

If you can feel every rib in his side, and he is not energetic in any way shape or form, your kitten is NOT well. If you leave it too long, by the time you get him to the vet, it may be too late.

When I took mine to the vet, she lasted from the Saturday to the Tuesday, but as I said, although the vet did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to save her - it wasn't enough because by that time, being so weak, a secondary infection set in, and all the antibiotics & re-hydration in the world was not enough to save her by that point.

LISTEN to your instincts. If you feel something is NOT right, then take the kitten to the vet and tell them something isn't right and you want something done to ensure the kitten is ok.

Please, if you can honestly spare the money it'll cost for the vet in any way shape or form & if you want your kitten to survive - get it treatment, and if the vet you saw last did a job - find another when they open.
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I understand you feel horrible. So do I, not having any really good advices... ( I do really hope someone do have!)

You were with him to the vet twice... What do you mean, did you already visited about his condition now, without improvement, or are you talking about visiting about his paw? Where the vets treatment wasnt the best...

In any case, you need a good cat specialist, like Goldy Cat suggested. That is the best chance.

Sending a lot of vibes!
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Is there where you live no animal hospital? or another vet. Is there no veterinarian emergancy service?

Of course you may feed him with a/d, but put some warm water on it, he also needs fluidness/liquidness. And 3 times the day is not enough, you need to feed him more often and not more than 5ml at once.

How is his dirt? Solid or liquid?

He needs calmness and warmth. Separate him from the others, let him sleep in your arms.

But the most important: Please take him to a vet quickly.
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useful advices, Siamkitten. Tx!
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That pitiful meow is what I call the 'death meow'. Sorry hon he needs to get to a vet. Try and see a different one.
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I just get a mail from Momof3furbabies.

The little one passed away in the morning, before it was possible to get him anew to vet.

Sometimes you cant help and they dont surviwe, however you are fighting on...

RIP little one.
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yes he did pass away and I am devastated. I had lined up to take him to the emergency vet 2 hrs away and unfortunately he was just too sick. I am SO angry at the 1st vet I took him to because he hurt his paw and misdiagnosed him and I believe ultimately caused his death. The 2nd vet treated him with soaking his paw daily and medication and he seemed to be coming around but then yesterday completely stopped eating, except wanting to nurse and just got so bad. I have never lost a kitten before and it's very hard.
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Oh, I am so sorry. RIP little baby! Play happily at the rainbow bridge.

And here is a for you.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP little one.

Perhaps when you feel up to it you can start a tribute thread for him in our Crossing the Bridge Forum.

I'll now close this tread.
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