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Please Help...Urination Problems

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I have a 3 year old neutered male manecoon. He periodically (one a week-once every two weeks: however it vaires) exhibits behaviors in which he urinates on houshold objects. He specifically pees on tables, shoes, and laundry (and occasionally other "slippery" like surfaces, such as duffle/bookbags). We don't know what to do to get him to stop, the vet told us that there was nothing medically/structurally wrong with him. We do have two other cats as well and they are female, they do not exhibit this behavior. We do not believe this to be a "marking behavior" because he pees a lot rather than just spraying. At the vet's suggestion we placed another litter in the house but that has done nothing to stop the behavior. My family is getting very aggrivated at him and have threatened on numerous occasions to give him away, however although to me this is not an option I may not have a choice if my parents decide that that is what they want to do.

Any suggestions you could give me would be very helpful and appreciated. I love Tony and would not want to lose him!
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Welcome to TCS! In order to better help you - I have many more questions for you.

First - has your vet specifically tested Tony's urine to rule out any infection/crystals/blood? When?

Second - has anything in your home changed prior to him starting this behavior?

Are the females in the home spayed?
Have you cleaned where he urinates with an enzymatic cleaner?
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I have had the same problem but it wasnt until I adopted two more and the oldest became jealous im assuming (she was the only child for a long time). If i would go a day without changing the cat box she'd pee beside it so I have (had) to do this daily. Ive also heard that putting alcohol on the carpet (rubbing) will keep them from going in that spot again, I dont know as i JUST heard this a couple days ago. But yeah, the only thing that helped was changing the box daily. I even bought a expensive self cleaning one...no use. First step would be to get tested as recommended and if your vet refuses id get a second opinion.
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Thank you everyone for responding!

Nat here are the answers to your questions:
The vet checked him for infection/crystals etc. about 1 year ago when we first noticed that it was more than just an occasional accident. Both females are spayed. I am not sure what an enzymatic cleaner is but we do use a special pet urine remover. I don't believe anything new has changed since this all started. Also Tony is the youngest cat but is dominant in many things, the two female cats allow him to eat first/stay away from "his" things and etc.

Thank you Tomcat for your suggestions, we will give it a try and see how it works.
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I would first pick up any object he seems to like to pee on that you can. If he pees on a certain spot on the floor, put a litter pan in that spot (temporarily).

Have you tried anything like Feliway or Rescue Remedy?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I would first pick up any object he seems to like to pee on that you can.

Have you tried anything like Feliway or Rescue Remedy?
This is great advice....also, some cats DO NOT like clutter or anything lying around and this may be the same with your cat. But everybody living in your house will have to make an effort in remembering to not leave anything lying around on the floor, beds, table, etc.

My sister had a cat that has sprayed for the last 5-6 years on and off (while living at our parents house). He was checked at the vet several times for UTI's, crystals, etc. and clear . We started to think it was territorial/behavioural....he lived with his brother but there were smells from other cats my parents had throughout the years. Also, there were many neighbourhood cats that would come to the patio door and walk through the yard constantly. Some cats are very territorial. What has worked for my sister is she switched him to an all wet diet, a week before she moved into her apartment she started applying Bach Pet Rescue Remedy (stress reducer), She started applying a "Spraying cat" flower essence formula from Anaflora on him. When she moved into the new one bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor (with a balcony) she immediately plugged in 2 feliway diffusers (stress reducer). She also did not bring anything that her cat sprayed on into the new apartment (ie: containers, bedding, bookshelfs, dressers, etc.)....and something is working because he has not sprayed once since moving into the apartment. He has become a much more mellow, less stressed, lovable cat. So, there may be some type of formula (flower essence ) that may help your cat. It's worth a try before you put him on any harsh type of medication.

Does your cat stand up when he is peeing or sits down? Because your cat may be spraying??? Just a thought....

What type of litter do you use? How many litterboxes do you have in the house? The rule of thumb is one litterbox for each cat plus 1 extra one. Where are the litterboxes located? Cats like to do their business in quiet/secluded areas. You must place them in quiet areas. You could also try placing puppy training pads or newspaper in one of the litterboxes as your cat may not like the feel of the litter when he pees and this is why he is finding much comfier spots to pee on?

I think the one thing to do is reduce his stress with the options above....

The previous poster gave you two excellent sites to check out. Here are a few sites that sells flower essences that I think would also be great for you to check out. Also, I don't know how cheap it would be for you to buy feliway diffusers where you live but my sister would buy them at the vets office (pretty expensive) but now she purchases them online or on ebay (wherever they are cheaper). I would also recommend that you buy more than one diffuser especially if you live in a bigger house (atleast 2-3) and place them in areas that he frequents very often...

You could also contact any one of these companies to see if they could recommend or put a formula best suited for your cat togehter.



http://www.abfeusa.com/index.html (not sure where you live but this is for the US. I know there are many other sites for other countries including Canada - you just have to search the web)
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