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Truck stop kitty

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I delivered in the wee hours this morning to Corpus Christi. Then I headed back north and stopped at the first truck stop to take my required 10 hours off.

When I got up, I went inside to have breakfast/lunch inside. When I came back out, I noticed a little yellow cat under the next truck. I got her attention, and she happily came out to be petted. She was dirty and skinny, but very friendly.

I went inside and bought a can of cat food. I put it out on the pavement, and she ate the whole can! Then she insisted on more skritchies. She kept going back to the spot where the cat food had been, so I went in and got her another can, of which she ate about 1/2.

I wish I could have brought her back. She was clearly abandoned and wanted her own full-time human. But carrying an unauthorized animal in my truck would likely cost me my job.

Anyone down in that area and able to pick her up?
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Awww. that is just so sad.

I wish I lived down there... I would take her in! Poor baby...
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She was sooooo friendly, I have some hope that some trucker will take her home, if she doesn't get run over first.
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Awww.... poor baby! I hope she finds a home soon...
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That's so heartbreaking

I know you would have helped her if you could. You gave her a meal, which is more than she had before. Who knows, maybe that will enable her to hang on long enough for someone to rescue her.

for kitty.
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That truck stop isn't close to a town or anything, so it would probably have to be a trucker, or possibly an RVer.
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