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I had an overnight guest!!

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Her name is Alexis (Lexie) - a little grey tabby and white cat our rescue saved from euthanasia at a local high kill pound. Well, when one of of volunteers went to get a batch of cats from there, poor Lexie got left behind.

So I went up there yesterday to get her... and I convinced my mom to let her stay the night. (It was already rush hour here).

So, I set her up in an empty bedroom...

This is a very sweet little girl who was picked up as a stray... very loving, velcro kitty - but SCARED! She actually bit me - twice! But also wanted me to be RIGHT THERE all the time.

Sorry if the pics are a little blurry - she wouldn't stop moving! And yes, her eyes really are that green!

Here she is checking out my stinky sandals - P.U. !!

I swear to you she is smiling in this photo! ( You can see where she was spayed!)

"Hey, could you PPPPLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEE stop using that flashy thing in my face???!!"
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She is so gorgeous, Addie. So where to from here?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
She is so gorgeous, Addie. So where to from here?
I handed her off to our director this afternoon, who will keep her for a while until we can get her a health certification ( to go into the pet store adoption center) and a space opens up for her there. Then, fingers crossed that she finds a home.
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She's gorgeous! She's definitely smiling in the pics where she's more relaxed in your home.

Those brilliant green eyes will definitely get her attention on a website and/or adoption event. Many adoption for Lexie!
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Awwww she looks happy! I hope she'll learn not to be scared and to stop biting soon so she can be adopted into a furever home
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Who could resist a beautiful kitty with those gorgeous eyes!
I'm sure she'll be adopted to a wonderful home quickly!
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she's soo cute!
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She is so pretty!! and her eyes are beautiful
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Lexie finds a loving forever home
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What a beautiful girl!! And those eyes.....
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Lexie is beautiful, and her eyes are amazing. Strong vibes that she finds her forever home.

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Wow she is soo cute I love her velvetty fur and grey tabby is my favorite pattern! Arghh how i hate those kill shelters, seeing a cute little baby like her find herself in those makes me so mad ...I'm so happy you got her away from there!!
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