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Customer Service

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Whatever happened to customer service? Where when you picked up the phone and dialed the number of a company you actually got a living breathing person on the other end? Now you get automated responses where you have to punch in your phone number, and then when you finally get a breathing person they ask you for your phone number? I hate that!

Sorry just had to vent! I am still on hold (tapping foot impatiently)
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Hissy, finance your next car, with Chrysler Financial and you CAN talk to a real live person - maybe even ME!
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I'll keep that in mind- meanwhile..........I'm still on hold!

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So, MA are ya still on hold?
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No I am finally off! doggone vaccuum company anyway! No names mentioned
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I hate those things. I call because I have a question a person needs to answer. Sometimes you can avoid all that crap by dialing 0 for the operator, but it doesn't always work. Computers make our lives easier. Right.
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> If you have a question regarding your invoice - choose 1
> If you would like to subscribe - choose 2
> If you have a technical question - choose 3
> If you have another question - choose 9

Uhmmm: 9

> You will be connected to our Customer Service Department
click - tuutuutuut

Yeah, I know what you mean
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Two weeks ago I had to contact the Department of Transport in relation to my car. It went something like this.

Thank you for calling the Department of Transport of Western Australia. To assist our operators with your call please select one of the following operations.

For licensing enquiries, press 1
For car registration, press 2
For paying a bill, press 3
For all other enquiries please hold.

I opted to go on hold, and then the computer promptly hung up on me.

I called again and then pressed 1, I got a computer asking me for my license details. I hung up.

I called again and selected the wrong option deliberately in order to talk to someone. I told them what I had experienced. They apologised, then transferred me to the right area that had its own computer generated choices which resulted in the computer ending my call prematurely again.

I repeat the previous process. I vent my frustration and anger at the poor soul who took my call and then finally got put through to someone on a direct line and the matter was dealt with in a matter of 2 minutes. And it took 10 minutes to get through and talk to someone.
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Oh, sheesh, yeah, computers are supposed to make things easier, but they often just complicate things in the process.
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