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Okay so here's the deal....

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My mom has a stray black cat and she has been around their house for about 6 months. Mom finally caught here and the poor baby had a collar on that was so tight it was digging into her skin. She doesn't seem to be very old and is spayed and front declawed(don't even get me started on that!). She is by far the sweetest most loving cat I have ever encountered. The poor thing's front feet hurt her so she rubs them on the carpet and will not allow anyone to touch her front feet.

My mom has 2 cats already and her and my dad are trying to get into a condo or apartment and cannot possibly handle another cat. She has called around to shelters and no one can take her. I have asked around and I don't know anyone that can take her either. I am HOPING someone here can help. I cannot take her as my budget will not allow for another cat at the time. My mom wants to put an ad in the paper MONDAY trying to find her a home. I don't trust people and know someone will try to get her and do something horrible since she is all black.

She is incredibly sweet and trusting!


I will have my mom send me a picture but she is all black with green eyes.....

OH! And I am in northeast Ohio as are my parents. I am willing to do just about anything to find her a good home!
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Poor kitty! I wish I could help but we're all full in this casa. I've a special place in my heart for black kitties as I have two. I'll say a prayer for this kitty as it's the best I can offer.
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