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Happy Birthday, Delaney!

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Today is Delaney's first birthday! I'm so excited and I've even gone ahead and planned festivities for this evening. I'm going to be making her a wet cat food "cake" along with "sprinkles" made out of healthy kitty treats. And she's going to have a birthday photo shoot (which you'll all see after the fact, of course!) and then it'll be present time! I bought her a new cat teaser since she loves them as well as a couple of other small bat-around toys. She'll have to share with Cassie, of course, but that's okay since I never got to celebrate Cassidy's birthday with her since I was ill and in the hospital. So, really, this will be a combo birthday celebration for both of my special girls .

But since this is really Delaney's day, let me tell you a little bit about the birthday girl. Laney is the funniest, most rambunctious, silliest, most out-of-control kitten I've ever known. I know you've all heard the story about a zillion times, but when I first met Delaney she was perched on the shoulder of a shelter volunteer. And, within seconds, she had leapt from his shoulders on to mine which is where she remained throughout the entire adoption process. And, let me tell you, she hasn't changed one bit since coming home! She's my spunky girl and can always make me laugh. But, that's certainly not the only reason I love her.

Delaney is incredibly sweet. When I'm sitting on my bed -- folding laundry, reading, or doing whatever -- she'll come up behind me, put her paws very gently on my back and nuzzle her face into my neck. She's also always ready for a snuggle and is the very definition of a lap cat. She is my baby girl and loves to be held, cradled, hugged, and kissed. She's a lover, for sure, and can make even the hardest of hearts melt upon contact .

I've had Lanester for a couple of months now and I can't possibly imagine life without her in it. And that's why it's party time today! Loving Delaney comes easily, but now it's time to celebrate her, honor her, and spoil her even more than she already is! Isn't that what having a cat in your life is all about?!

So, once again, Happy Birthday my sweet girl. You may be a year old now, but you're still my baby girl. I loved you the first moment I saw you and I'll love you to infinity and beyond!

(And, Cass, I love you too! Happy Belated Birthday my sweets!)
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Happy Birthday Delaney!!!!
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I always love how cats seem to choose their owners and not the other way round. !!

I love making a birthday cake and wrapping up the presents. Last year I made a birthday meat loaf for my mums dog he woofed it down!

Happy happy birthday Delaney one special little cat Wink

Amadeus, Symphony and Nefertiti "Mewmy mewmew meeew mew" (happy birthay to you) ^_^

Can't wait to see those pics!!!
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Happy, happy birthday Delaney! from yayi, joji, qt, skinnny, ichi, ni, san, go, ashley and buddy.
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Ooops, I missed Delaney's Birthday...

Happy Belated Birthday Delaney!!
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Originally Posted by lil maggie View Post
Ooops, I missed Delaney's Birthday...

Happy Belated Birthday Delaney!!
I hope you both had a wonderful day celebrating.
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Well, Delaney's special day came and went, but we both appreciate all the birthday wishes offered here. I know I had a great time planning and celebrating Laney's first birthday, and I think Delaney enjoyed it as well. There's nothing like spending one-on-one time with mommy ! Cassie joined in as well and I even got my roommate to participate in the festivities. All in all, it was a fun day and I'm so proud of my baby girl (who isn't as much of a baby anymore ).

I haven't had a chance to upload all of the pics yet, but I do have one of the special wet cat food "cake" I made for Laney -- complete with the kitty treat version of "sprinkles!" So, without further ado, here it is:

Notice the single treat sticking up in the "cake?" That was Delaney's symbolic first birthday candle !The "cake" itself was made from Laney's favorite flavor of wet cat food. Thank goodness she likes the pate variety of wet cat food because I can't figure how I'd have made a "cake" with shredded, grilled, or any other type of piecemeal wet food . Then I made "sprinkles" out of some of Laney's favorite treats. And, yes, the "cake" was placed on a crystal platter for my little sweetheart! Doesn't it look pretty ?

Just keep in mind that after I snapped the pics, I smushed the concoction all up so it would be easier for Cass and Laney to eat. But, I think it came out nice and they certainly didn't disapprove. In fact, they chowed down as soon as I placed the dish on their mat!

I do have pics of Delaney and some of her birthday presents, but those will have to come later and will probably be in the other forum, but this was just to give you all a little look-see at Delaney's first birthday cake!
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Happy Birthday Delaney!!
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This is just a repeat pic of the "cake" I made my kitty, Delaney, for her birthday this past summer. I know this is an old thread, but since I lost access to the original photos, I'm trying to bump these up so that the pics are able to be viewed again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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