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Squidbillies on Cartoon Network`s [adult swim]

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Does anybody watch this adult oriented animated show? It is hysterical! Once I sat down and actually watched the show(episodes are 15 min)I found it really had some great humor and writing.

Bear with me here...the show revolves around the Cuylers;a family of the endangered "Georgia mud squids".Basically the show lampoons the ueber-white trash/redneck/hillbilly minority...just that they happen to be squids.For the life of me it sounds idiotic but this little show will have you giggling and chuckling.The voice-overs are excellent and pull it all together.I have become a real fan of Squidbillies.It`s just that funny.The animation is primative but watchable.

Shoot! Just ask your teenagers about the show.LOL
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Yep, I watch Squidbillies.. not ALL the time but when I see it's on or will be on soon I usually will watch it. And being on the west coast all those Adult Swim shows come on earlier. My BF absolutely hated it but I think he secretly thinks it's funny now. That and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Weird strange cartoons, but funny if you're in the right mood.
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Yeah,it took me a couple of episodes of Squidbillies before I really started to like it and find it funny.Some of those [adult swim] cartoons are a bit bizarre for me though.I`m only now beginning to like ATHF. Have you ever seen "Assy McGee"? Another show you will go crazy over! But it kind of grows on you.Check out: Tim and Eric Awesome Show,Great Job! I think you`ll like it.It`s gotten huge with the college crowd.Funny show.
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I love them! I have 2 seasons on dvd. I still laugh my butt off even though I have seen them many times.
I thought it had been cancelled! Is it back on?
If you get a chance, look up Unknown Hinson on YouTube. He is the voice of Early Cuyler and a truly bizarre character.
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Cool! I just LOVE Granny! OMG! She just gets funnier and funnier the more you watch the show,does`nt she? What about Early`s ex and Rusty`s Mom...Crystal! She is classic. I`ll check out Unknown Hinson,thanks!

Tim and Eric,right? I`ve seen both seasons 3 and 4 on [adult swim]. LOL
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