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My Kitten Won`t Let Me Groom Her!

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Talk about fickle. Once before I was able to brush her out and she liked it. Now when I try to groom her she is gone! What is a good way to groom a kitten so that they learn to relax and enjoy it?

Alley is looking disheveled and really needs at least a brushing out. Maybe I should try sneaking it in during our sleep/nap time? That is her most calm time.

Tips?Advice? What works for you?

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Don't play the sneaking game. You need to be in charge of grooming - not the cat. You start by setting up a grooming table/area and maybe while she is eating dinner, set up the grooming combs, nail clippers, etc. and then after she finishes eating, take her to the grooming area and just comb her, etc.

YOU choose when to stop. Let her have a small toy to play with on the table and do a little at a time.

If you get her used to this as a kitten, she will be ok with grooming as an adult. And if longhair - use combs, not brushes for grooming.
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Great advice,Goldenkitty. I`ll adopt that with her.Thanks for responding.
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While I don't own longhairs (did own one) I've seen enough longhair cat show people to know how to groom them. I'll stick to my "wash and wear" shorthair cats - much easier to groom.
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Bribery also helps
A few pieces of kibble during the grooming session has turned Bella around. She no longer growls at the brush and she seems to stick around longer each time.
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Depending on her age, her attention/tolerance span will be short, but over time you should be able to build up to getting her groomed all in one setting. Always reward her good behavior, too!
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my Jake is the same way but I don't let him off as soon as he gets bored of it. I just keep going and I hold him by the shoulder's that keeps him very still. I also sit on the floor that's where I groom him and he's between my two feet that way he doesn't try to get away at the first possible moment. For some reason giving him a toy while grooming him really helps. He likes to chew my hair bands and such and I give him one of those to play with and it works!! I never thought it would.
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I hold them down and pet them first. When they start to enjoy that and relax a bit, my other hand will reach over to the Furminator or a comb and get to work while my other hand continues petting. Soon after they realize what's going on so my petting hand goes into restraining mode and holds them in place.

With Girlie, I have to have at least 2 combs. One for the actual grooming, another for her to bite at and sniff. When her interest shifts to the one in my hand, I let her have it and switch to the other comb

I've tried to bribe them to stay put with treats but it doesn't work. They want the treat and than run away... I still give them a little reward after the groom though

I never thought about using a table for grooming. That makes sense. The vet has a table high enough that the cat can't simply jump off it and run away so they can do their vet things. I'll have to try that when we move into our new home and have more space.
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Alley is getting better.I put her on the card table and bribed her with some sweet talk and crunchy kitty treats and she was pretty agreeable.

Thanks everyone for all the input. You all have really been a big help for this brand new cat person!

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You just have to be persistent and they eventually realize you're not going to give up! I talk to mine a lot and stop to give them scritches quite often. I will admit though; some are just easier then others. One of mine I have to do a little at a time and another will just lay there until I'm finished.
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