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Positive post.....I hope you'll post  

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In this day and age, we are surrounded by bad news, and alot of people are not very positive.

We all have to make time to stop and smell the roses, especially on bad days (whether you just got laid off, or your daily pain is acting up)...there is usually something postive.

I know there's been a post similiar to this, I believe it was the Pink post or something like that...so Mods feel free to delete this one if you think its too much the same.

I'm hoping that many people will participate in this thread, as we could all use a smile...it is a proven stress reliever

So I'm asking of you, to post daily, something positive to you.... it doesn't have to be monumental, it can be the littlest thing... but something positive to you.

Take the moment to relax and think of your emotional health....Honestly this was an exercise my therepist had me doing when I was first struck with chronic pain because it engulfed me completely.... but then I was able to put small positives out... finally (took 2yrs) I was able to pull more positives out. Even laying in agony, my family or friends still make me smile.

anyways, I'll go first in a seperate post, so you know what I mean.

I really home you'll take the 1min out of your day to post.....it will do you and others good.

I mean cmon, who can't smile when someone says "my kitty gave me my first kiss today".
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Today I am thankful for getting carpet in the basement

We're taking advantage of the tax credit being offered here for home improvements. If it wasn't for that, we wouldn't be doing it because its not a nessecity
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DH comes home from Plano, TX after being gone for the week. I've missed him and the cats really have missed them.
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This is a great idea, Chris! I loved the pink thread too

Today I'm thankful for my doggy - my Mum sent me this picture of her relaxing today. How gorgeous is that! Chevy

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Both Muddy and Stumpy, my chronically ill cats, have been tremendously playful the last few days. They have been at war with each other, and Muddy walked up to Stumpy last night to head butt him. He's done nothing but hiss at him for the last few months and vanilla extract wasn't helping them. This is a very good sign.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
DH comes home from Plano, TX after being gone for the week. I've missed him and the cats really have missed them.
I know how this feels. My DH just got home last night from California....sooo happy he is back.

Sam: awww, see, that makes me smile....I mean, you'd have to be a robot to not smile.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
I know how this feels. My DH just got home last night from California....sooo happy he is back.

Sam: awww, see, that makes me smile....I mean, you'd have to be a robot to not smile.
Yeah I just checked my emails (not long got home from work) and I really wanted to wake my boyfriend and show him but it's 3am so I had to share it with you guys. She's such a cutie!
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I was able to take a relaxing shower and style my hair before DS woke up. It felt so nice.
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I am so happy it is a beautiful sunny day
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Every time I glance the picture of my three month old nephew grinning his toothless grin, it makes me smile and my heart fills up SO FULL of love for that little guy that I've haven't even got to meet yet!!
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I woke up with Bugsy purring like a tractor... When I opened my eyes I saw Lucky's and Hope's cute little faces... All on my bed, all giving me love and anxious for me to wake up. I am loved unconditionally by three little furry angels!
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Things have been hopping in my life.

#1: I finally decided on a new 'bank' to switch to, to get away from the 'big suit' bank that's wiping my old bank from te face of the planet. I went to a local credit union. I signed up online the night before, for basic checking, but when I went in yesterday to finish it up, she switched to Rewards Checking, same stuff (no min. balance, etc), but i get rewards for using my debit card!

#2: My friends FINALLY had their baby Tuesday. They've been having some issues, but he's healthy, BIG and all boy. His name is Christopher Paul.

#3: After being on a waiting list since December, I finally am getting a new apartment, in my dream neighborhood here in Portland. At the end of July, I'll be moving out of my rat-hole neighborhood i've been in three years. WOOHOO!!!

Much of my stress I've had recently is melting away. Yes, I still have some worries, but things are finally doing better.
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Good morning!

You´re right Chris! nice Idea for a thread!...
By my own I would like to share this positive quote today with all of you!

Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

HAve a nice weekend all of you!
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The past month has been stressful for me, and my friends have been so supportive throughout it. I love my friends; I'm not sure what I'd do without them.
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I was off sick for over 4 years and things were really bad. During this time not only did my health continue to deteriorate and I ended up having to declare bankruptcy and almost ended up homeless! But I kept myself grounded by remembering that despite how badly things were for me, that there were always other people out there who were far worse off than I was!

I'm so thankful that I have my health, even though it isn't optimal, back enough that it allows me to work. I'm even thankful for having declared bankruptcy because it gave me a fresh start in life financially and has put me in a place of having no bills, a good income and thus giving me the ability to help others who are in dire straights like I was not so long ago.
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This morning when I left to go to work the three baby robins in the nest on the side of our garage that we've been watching for several weeks decided it was time to take their first flight. As I approached the garage they all hopped off and flew at once, with varying degrees of proficiency. I know that my approach probably scared them into taking off, but it was a sweet, magical moment that I'm glad I was there for.
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I'm just thankful that I woke up this morning altho still in a lot of pain.
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Some friends & their kid's are coming for a week's vacation. Can't wait to see them.
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After more than a year of delays and frustration, I finally got my new piano. It's gorgeous and the sound is unbelievable. I can't play it with the lid opened all the way because it would blow the roof off my house. Of course, the kitties think it's a wonderful new cat tree I got especially for them.
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Im really happy that the leaves finally came out on the trees here in Edmonton...now when I look out my lab window, I see a green parkland instead of a bleak landscape
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I'm thrilled that today I'm vertical, the weather has been gorgeous the past few days. And this week Maggie, who's been here for 2 years, has just started to head bunt (I thought all cats always did it but aparently not). I think it's so cute that lately she feels the need to bunt my forehead in the morning and at bedtime lol It goes along with her goodmorning and goodnight kiss on my nose
Sometimes the small stuff can really make you smile
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Friday is always cause for happiness. Plus this morning's coffee was particularly good.
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I'm grateful for my health because this time last year my youngest brother only had another 2 1/2 weeks to live

I came home this afternoon and had my 3 babies meet me behind the livingroom door, and i told them they had their mummy to themselves all next week because she's on holiday
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I was sitting in Cally's (my feral) room last night. Since I took her inside, I have not been able to touch her - almost a month now.

I took my rosary into her room last night, because I was tired and didn't want to pray afterwards. She did her usual meet and greet with the boys, but then walked back and forth in front of me a few times, actually inviting me to pet her. I only got one stroke in, but that was pretty magical. She's back to not letting me touch her today, but maybe she knew I needed a little cheering up last night and decided to get over her fear to let me have that. :-)
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I posted about my boy Patch that has an enlarged heart. After 3 months of Atenonol and 1/4 aspirin every 3 days, had his second Echocardiagram and his heart went down a bit. Thats the best news I could ever have gotten.

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I got several calls to work today, and just couldn't bring myself to accept any of them (I hate supplying at schools I've never been to before), and was kind of mad/disappointed at myself. However, the upside is that I get to spend the time with Belle and Delilah...it's been a busy week, and they've been a little neglected. No matter how down I'm feeling, the girls will always make me feel better!
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I woke up this morning to all of our furbabies on the bed, 3 dogs and 3 cats. Warm fuzzies everywhere. Then I rolled over to see the smiling face of the love of my life. What could be better than that?
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Waking up in the morning before my husband, touching him and the cats and telling God "thank You" for them starts my day off happy.
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I have discovered I am actually athletic and am loving the possiblities this opens up to me. First thing: Kayaking!
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Gary actually fell asleep at like 3:15am! He slept until about 7:00, made the morning call - then went back to sleep from about 9:00 until 10:30 this morning!

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