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Vaccination Events i.e. Petco,Petsmart

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I did not realize that the big box pet stores had branched out into giving "low-cost" core group and supplimental group vaccinations for cats and dogs.

I`m not sure how comfortable I would be with this option.How much of a savings,on average,do you think it would be? We used to give all our own livestock and farm pets their shots but that is different than your little pet.

Factor in the travel and stressfull setting for your pet and I don`t get it??

Has anyone had shots or other low-level pet care in a non-conventional setting?Call me old fashioned.Still in shock that people bring their pets with them into the store! Just the liability alone gives me goosebumps!
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Originally Posted by HosMan View Post
I did not realize that the big box pet stores had branched out into giving "low-cost" core group and supplimental group vaccinations for cats and dogs.

Just the liability alone gives me goosebumps!
I wouldn't do it. Making sure your pet is healthy before they receive a vaccination is good practice, and that's what your Vet does. What's your recourse should your cat or dog have a bad reaction to a vaccine? I imagine a lot of people who use this service don't have established relationships with a good Vet. That said, for people with little money and a desire to own animals I can see the attraction.

Liability, is in my understanding limited to the value of the pet in question should anything happen to them (legally they are still considered property). Biting someone at the store would probably be the responsibility of the owner or accompanying guardian of said pet, but you'd have to ask a lawyer.
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Actually these low cost vet clinics are a wonderful resource for the community.

Petsmart and Petco are not the actual group giving the vaccinations. Most of the time it is rescue groups or veterinary clinics who donate their time to come out and offer the vaccinations. They normally include a quick check over and boosters. There is usually no "office" visit fee and you just pay for the vacs. They also normally carry flea meds such as Frontline Plus, Advantage, and Revolution.

To be honest I would never have been able to afford the entire set of boosters for my kittens if I had to take them to my vet. Don't get me wrong my vet is great but I would have had to pay $36 for the first kitten and 10% off the other two kittens just for the office visit alone. That price would not include the worming and boosters. At the vet clinic I paid $33 per kitten for each series of shots and that first $33 included the FelV/FIV test.

So don't overlook them, they can be a real money saver. Just make sure you do your research first. Find out what group is having the clinic and make sure a licensed veterinarian is at the clinic.
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You make some very valid points on the "pro" side,Mai. I was under the impression that it was regular store employees providing these services.I`m glad you responded!

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In my area it's not really a "savings". The "low cost" clinic costs as much as just going to a regular vet, plus I only get the Merial Purevax rabies shot for my cats. And only 1 clinic that I know of here carries it. I also like that they get an annual exam and if there's an adverse reaction I can call my regular vet who knows my cat. In my area, I think it's more of a convenience for those who don't see a regular vet (I see a lot of farm-type dogs at Petco on those days).

Hope that helps.
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When Sugar Ray wandered up to my house (my first kitty, I was a confirmed big dog only person) I took him to a vaccination "event" in a parking lot of a shopping center. I just thought of him as a stray cat that I wanted to have his shots if he wouldn't leave. But it turned out to be a great thing. He got a thorough check up (in the backseat of my car, we couldn't him out, so the vet came over and crawled in the car and took care of him.) He estimated his age for us, listened to his heart, told us he had severe earmites, checked his teeth and gave us low cost Revolution and something for tapeworms. I didn't realize at the time but he was a very highly respected vet, Dr. Rogers, that has published and been quoted in many articles for his vaccination "protocols".

Maybe I was just lucky, but not all low cost opportunities are terrible. My vet charges $60.00 for just the office visit, before any shots. Of course, I came to absolutely worship that "stray cat", and the next year I did take him to our regular vet, but I truly admire the fact that many vets offer this type of service.

I do know that the ones at PetsMart are the regular vets that work there, don't know anything about PetCo, really, but the one rescue org. here use them very often on adoption days.

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I do not like to use them and would rather pay more at the vets.
Some vets have kitten packages and it is the same price as the clinics.
I rather be safe then sorry.
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Check around in my area the "low " cost are the same if not more money for the same service ... feed stores often have this service at about 50% of the vet
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I know at Petsmart the pet is seen at a vet hospital by a regular doctor (vet) and has an exam in a room with staff and the vet and a chance for questions and answer sessions before vaccinations. The vaccinations are the same as they would be for any regular paying client. The time in the room is also a good time to get more done than just vaccinations in terms of examining the pet, public education, and questions. And as someone else said, in the case of reactions, a qualified staff and vet is on hand to help.
There are also vacc clinics at feed stores, where the vaccinations are administered by vets. These are also cost effective for a pet owner on a budget.

And, someone can also buy vials at any feed store and take them home and vaccinate their own pet (they need to keep the vaccs at a proper temperature for transport before they got to the store and after they leave the store and make sure they are properly given by the owner) but many times the vaccinations given at a feed store aren't valid for boarding and daycares and such, and not covered by manufactures vaccine warranties unless administered by a vet. And if the dog has reactions, the dog might have to be seen by a vet.
Rabies is required by law to be given by a vet or by the staff in the direct presence of a vet.
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If budget is an issue, keep your eyes open, alot of vet clinics do vaccination events at lower cost as a means of attracting new business.
I would go this route as you at least have a vet on hand in case of reaction.
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I'm not sure I'm understanding the question, but I take Peanut and Moo to a vet in a Petsmart. Office visits without their insurance are $35-ish, with their insurance the visit is free and the contract I have with them, all routine care is covered (yearly vacs) and I get a steep discount on diagnostics.

In my opinion, their vet is no more stressful than any other vet. There are several licensed vets on staff at all times during office hours. My experience has been great with them. I can call any time with any questions and you can get ahold of the vet that treats your pet after hours (at least for the two locations I go to) if needed for a consult.

As far as I know, their routine is no different than any other vet office. A vet tech checks you in, speaks with you briefly to get an idea what's going on and why you're there, then the vet comes in to visit with you and your pet and do whatever is necessary. The techs assist as needed, and the techs have always been awesome. I love the vet Peanut sees, he seems very qualified. The vet Moo sees never fails to make me laugh, she's so sweet and you can tell she really adores animals. They go to two different offices since I live in one city and my boyfriend lives in another city.

This is the chain of vets PetsMart has incorporated into alot of their stores -
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