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Daily Thread TIF June 5th!

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Woooooooohooooo! Friday and payday!

Heading to work, and its supposed to be a wonderful sunny day today! I love Friday!!

Tonight is laundry night, and we might go for a bike ride too!

Tomorrow is my bridal shower!! Then on Sunday we have a bbq at a friends place

22 more sleeps!

Have a good one folks!
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I'll be working all day today. Now that I have started summer classes, I'm going to be working Monday, Wednesday, & Friday every week since my Tuesday/Thursday class is right in the middle of the day. The great thing about that schedule is that every work day feels like a Friday because I have the next day off. The bad thing is that every day also feels like a Monday.

Not much on the agenda tonight. If I'm feeling productive, I'll work on some of the homework for my classes to try and get ahead. If not, I'll just watch a little TV, maybe read a book, and snuggle with the cats.
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Have a wonderful time tomorrow Nat.

It's a rainy dreary day here. We have to rest up for tomorrow. It's a big day for DS cause he is going to meet DH's family at a graduation party. Hopefully he isn't cranky.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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Supposed to be gorgeous weather today in the midwest - 82 and sunny.

Working from home half the day and taking vacation for the rest. I might paint my home office this afternoon. The kids are happy that momma is going to be home with them today.
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Morning All!!

Looks like it is going to be a super day here.

Have a few chores to do around the house today and afterwards am just going to sit out on the deck and read a bit.

The kitties are sitting in the window enjoying the sunshine.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning *yawn*

I'm waking up for the second time today LOL...first time was at 3:30 and I stayed up for a bit....2nd time at 9:30.

I'm a little excited today....over the past almost 7yrs, we've been picking away at finishing our rec room, and basement. We have my snake room done, it was the first thing Laudry room is done, bathroom is framed, furnace room is framed, some drywalled, main room we finally finished up this year, and today, we getting it carpetted

I'll post pics once its done, because I posted on here asking for help choosing colour. So I have the before shot, I'll get an after shot after me and hubby move everything back.
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Got some more plants in the ground this morning and hauled another load of plants up to garden shed so I can figure out where these will go next.

Tonite is local garden fair-one of the few days I really look forward too all year. I have my cash ready and baskets to haul the loot home.

But after planting this morning Mom and I did a bit of shopping. A pair of un-needed shoes (they were over 65% off), a scarf and new perfume for me!!

The boys are being good and Bobs just brought me a mid-afternoon snack (I'll pass).

Its warmish (77F) and just now a bit cloudy-the rain should hold out until tomorrow (after I get the rest of the plants in the ground!)
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It's midday here but I had a late one last night. It's a gorgeous sunny day and I've got my uniform drying on the line so it will be nice and clean when I start work at 5pm.

I'm just waiting for Kieran to come home with breakfast. He'll probably be here in about half an hour!

I'm just relaxing today - have got some serious study to do and just been chilling with the kitties. Flutty likes sitting in my bedroom window when it's sunny.

Have a good weekend folks!
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