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Hair Care by Alley!

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Bear in mind that everything my newly adopted kitten,Alley,does is obnoxiously cute--to me,since she is my very first feline pet.

"The Dark One"(as I call her)spent close to 20minutes grooming(by licking)the hair on the back of my head last night! I was fascinated and she must have been doing this for sometime because the 20 mins was AFTER she had awakened me (yeah,she sleeps with daddy).When I finally felt my hair where she had been"working" there was a damp patch.Other members have told me that this is what cats do to each other and what a mommy cat will do to her kittens.That is kind of cool.Guess I`m doing something right for a newbie cat-owner.What does it usually mean when a cat gets close to your face and just stares?LOL Sometimes I have the feeling I`m being watched--and I`m usually right!

You know I am still in shock that I have become an actual Cat lover! Me!The dyed-in-the-wool,110% Dog Lover! Have I gone over to the dark side? lol

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My kittens sometimes do that to me when I'm sleeping (well technically cats, they are turning 1 year old this month). I bottlefed them so they think I am their mother...
They used to like to sit on the back of my computer chair and lick my head/hair. However one day I stood up and when I looked at the back of the chair there was some hair stuck there! I thought one of the kittens was just licking me but he actually chewed some of my hair off! After that I started sleeping with a pillow over my hair so they couldn't chew it while I slept.

That's great that you are becoming a cat lover! I love cats and dogs (and other pets...)
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That is funny! EEK! I can`t afford to lose anymore hair,even to Miss Alley! lol
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Oh I also wanted to add, one of the kittens now prefers to sleep on top of the pillow I use to protect my hair from them.
Of course it had to be the heaviest kitten...
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Originally Posted by HosMan View Post

You know I am still in shock that I have become an actual Cat lover! Me!The dyed-in-the-wool,110% Dog Lover!
You found your true self.
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Here`s to both Dogs and Cats! For a newbie like me there is something almost exotic about a cat.They truly are closer to a wild animal and have a completely different way of showing affection.I`m enjoying my kitten`s ability to occupy herself and keep busy without constant interaction.My Alley seems to be a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.Cats!Who`d `a thunk it?!
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That right in your face and in your eyes is a very friendly and familiar thing for a cat to do. Direct eye contact is considered a threat... so she loves and trusts you. Sometimes I think when a cat does that he/she is trying to imprint your facial image. I have a very temporary foster right now who does that to me... and then kisses my face.

I have also been bitten by her twice in the last 24 hours! She is still very very nervious! So go figure!
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Very interesting! Thanks for the info. Cats definately have a bit of a learning curve(especially for us life-long pooch people).
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My DH used to HATE cats. He thought they were kind of like large rodents. Neither of us had ever had a cat when our first one adopted us. Now, with seven of them living with us in the RV, think he's a convert?

Gary, however, still can't avoid the feeling that they're sizing him up for dinner when they sit and stare like that.

But yeah, she's grooming you, and as Addie pointed out, trusting you.

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Mutual grooming is a social activity for cats. You're part of the pride, I guess.

Dogs and cats are different, but not mutually exclusive.

Cats were the most recently "domesticated" animal, and they are different from all our other domesticated animals in that they are not pack or herd animals. They are "loners," and as such, their first concern is always themselves.

Just in passing, some historians say that the adoption of the Egyptians by the African wild cat, the progenitor of all domestic cats, was the step that made it possible for man to live in large cities, because he could now store grain and keep it safe from rodents.
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