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11 week old kitten sleeping more than usual

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my 11 week old baby has had diarrhea for 3 weeks. he was checked out, everything was fine, vet said it was most likely food related. he pooped solid last night, and again today. so no more diarrhea, but he has been sleepy and lethargic ever since his morning play session. he has eaten his kibble 5 or 6 times at least and drank some chicken broth and some water. he has peed. but he hasn't been his normal bouncy self today.

he was fine this morning but got really sleepy at 1 or two and has only been up to eat and drink and use the litterbox ever since. no playing, i only got a little bit of activity out of him when i tried to play with him. he is also looking extra skinny, i think he grew overnight but he has a defined waist today, more so than yesterday. he is still soft and shiny, his gums are their normal color and the color bounces back in a second when you press on them and he doesn't seem to be running a temp. his nose is cool and moist. he has been looking around when he hears noises and watched a moth fly around with great interest, and he has been moving from place to place but not jumping much today. he hasn't been up on the table at all and normally we have to take him down 4 or 5 times per meal.

i am trying to decide if this is something i should take him in to get checked over for now (at midnight) or i should wait until tomorrow and see how he is in the morning. i don't know if i am just overreacting because i have been so worried about this guy with his runny poop.
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Has he been dewormed? What about his shots? Was he fairly healthy and bouncy and energetic before the diarrhea hit?
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he has been dewormed, he just got his final dose of wormer yesterday. he has had his first round of shots and is neutered, he has been bouncy and energetic throughout his diarrhea (he had very loose stools when we first gave him wet food, we went back to his purina one dry after hills prescription diet just made him much worse, and i have been switching them onto natural balance ultra. his stools have been soft but not liquid for the past two weeks and he has not been going more than two or three times a day) and other than a period of lethargy after a really bad bout of diarrhea (when we tried to put him on the hills) has been acting like a normal kitten. he sleeps for large chunks but he usually has a good 4 hours of active time and he is very rough and tumble with his brother. today he was wild for about two hours this morning but he has been sleeping for most of the day.
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and he tested negative for all feline diseases and tested negative for parasites and bacteria on his fecal test.
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we ended up taking him in to the emergency vet, he is running a 104 fever and tested positive for camphylobacteria even though he was clean on his last fecal test. he will start antibiotics tomorrow, as soon as we can find a pharmacy that stocks his script since the only 24 hour one in our area doesn't have the suspension we need.
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Is this not from chicken thats not cooked properly ? If thats the case I don't think I'd be giving her chicken broth....I hope she starts to feel better real soon
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Yes, I read that camphylobacteria is caused by chickens improperly cooked, and carrying the bacteria. I wouldn't give him anything chicken until he's cleared of the bacteria.

Good luck to your kitty.. I'm glad you took him in for a diagnosis....
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it is a type of bacteria that is often found in the digestive systems of dogs and cats, it doesn't always cause problems. you can get it from improperly cooked chicken but i know that's not where he picked it up. he has had diarrhea since we got him at the shelter so he was fighting off the infection when we got him. it was missed on his earlier fecal, apparently this is a type of bacteria that they don't normally check for as it is often present but asymptomatic.

thankfully our little guy is back to his normal happy self and will be getting re-checked after he finishes up his antibiotics! hopefully his brother will not have any issues from it, so far he has not had any symptoms and our vet says he may well not have any issues at all.
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Good news....glad to hear he is feeling better
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So happy to hear that your little fellow is feeling better.....
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his fever is back he was at the vets again today. they are not sure what is wrong with him and we are trying to see how we can go about affording the 600 for blood tests and x-rays and ultrasounds. his abdomen is a little swollen and he has a heart murmur now. vet wants us to stop the antibiotics and push foods and fluids. poor baby

please keep our baby in your thoughts. he is only 12 weeks old and such a darling.
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