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Kabuki's vet visit

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We are back from the vet, Kabuki weighs 1.06 pounds, the vet thinks she is a female and classified her as a calico. ( not sure if this is a type of torty?)She also estimated she was 5 weeks old.
Anyway, Kakubi was all kisses and purrs until the thermometer and then she made crabby face at the vet. The vet says she is not feral but was probably dropped off and would not have survived the night due to her size and age.
She doesn't have fleas but does have worms, so she has medicine as well as her chow sister Maxine, since she has been giving Kabuki face and butt kisses.
The vet is nice but reccomended Iams dry and no moist food. I think Iams is a pretty mediocre brand from what I have read? Kabuki likes moist but I do have to find a better brand other than fancy feast. She also gave us of science diet new kitty kit with 2 cans of kitten food and the dry kitten food. Science diet dog food is overpriced and does not have wonderful ingredients so I am not sure if the cat food is any better. Any comments?
I tried a new brand of kitten soft food called sophisticat and it gave Kabuki Diahrrea, so I tossed it and had to give her a bath

her sister Maxine, had to be there and make sure she was ok.

On the way there Kabuki just slept in her carrier, I felt like a real man carrying in her new pink carrier On the way back she was a demon and wanted to be let out, cried, Meowed, I just ignored her and eventually she went back to bed.

we have an appointment in 3 weeks for shorts and a feline leukemia test.
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A calico is a tri color cat, but the 3 colors are usually clearly delineated across their bodies. When the colors start to blend like Kabuki's do, then she becomes more of a torbie or tortie. I think the difference between those 2 are the depth of the black.

I can tell you this about vets. Most have been dined and wined by companies like Hills and therefore push their products. Few are good at all about animal nutritian. Science Diet cat food is as bad as their dog food. Iams (IMO) is slightly lower quality than Science Diet. And Sophisticat is (IMO) junk food, even lower grade than Fancy Feast.

If Sharky offers any advice, take it very seriously. She has done the most research about the nutritian value of different brands. Have you raised food questions in the Cat Nutrician forum? She usually hangs out there and doesn't always visit this forum so may not see your questions.
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Most vets don't know colors!

She's a tortoiseshell (tortie) - not a calico. Calicos are white cats with patches of color (black/red). From the picture she doesn't look like she has any white on her.

And I have no idea why the vet says dry food only. Kittens/Cats do better on canned moist foods with a little dry on the side. I would not feed Iams or Science Diet.

Go to the nutrition section for better quality foods. We feed Royal Canin (dry) for Urinary and a mix of canned foods - Natural Balance, Avoderm, Wellness, Max Cat and Iams canned.

I'd feed her at least two meals of kitten canned food and some quality dry on the side.
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and be careful bathing her, kittens can get chilled very easily and quickly, so keep her warm and dont get water in her ears
She is so precious
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Awww...you truly know you saved her life now! Thank you for being her angel

Are you a cat person yet?

I like Maxine's protective nature - adorable!
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I am a kitten person, I am not sure if I am a cat person yet. I just picked up a used Cat tree that needs repair, I just wanted the frame so I could recarpet everything. When I picked it up, I immediately broke out in hives all over my arms and felt my breathing tighten up, I hope I can build up a resistance to Kabuki
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