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Are they playing?

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It's been almost 2 weeks since we brought our new kitten home and we've been doing a very slow intro with our resident cat (2yr old spayed female). The kitten is adapting beautifully to our home and to us, but of course the resident cat is not too happy.

We're at a point now where we're giving them some supervised time together in a big room with Feliway. Resident cat has been hissy and growly of course, but kitten just wants to play. Now they're kind of stalking one another, and when they get close they both cautiously swat at each other...sometimes there are brief chases. I'd swear they were just playing together but resident cat still does a LOT of hissing and growling during all this. She doesn't actually seem aggressive though...is this playing? Or more establishing the hierarchy?
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It's not playing for the resident cat but it is for the kitten. The older one is setting the rules but the little one is not paying attention.
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Yeah, it sounds like the RC is just letting the little kit know who's the big boss. It is healthy interaction. Just have fun watching their relationship grow! It's my favorite thing watching my cats interact and how their relationship continues to evolve.
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I agree with the others, but wouldn't leave them unsupervised for a while longer. RC will often act exactly you are describing until the youngster starts to play by their rules.
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Yay, thanks for all the input!! Glad to hear this seems like a healthy progression. We're going to keep supervising for a LONG time yet, but the fact that they're not actually trying to kill each other or run away from each other is encouraging.
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