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Riley and Xander

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Just a few pictures. Not great quality because its a dreary dark day here today!

They rarely sit together like this.

Riley looks funny in this one, lol

A couple of Xander (please excuse the fur covered cat tree, its a never-ending task with these two fluffies!)

They absolutely LOVE the catnip mats from Auntie Em!

I'll try to get some better pictures soon since I've been seriously slacking on posting pictures of my boys lately
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Aw, aw, aw, look at your handsome fluffy boys. Yes, you have been slacking off in posting pics of your gorgeous duo.
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I love that pic you were laughing at Riley about awww he looks so cute
Both of those muffins are just so gorgeous, Paula
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They are SO handsome, and they look SO cute next to each other! What perfect brothers (and what brothers are into displaying much love for each other? ).

Paula, you have been remiss in sharing pics of those gorgeous guys! But this is a good start, so we'll forgive you.

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Everytime I seen new photos of your boys, I smile...
Riley and Xander.
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They are both beautiful!
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There's those handsome, fluffy boys!
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I promise I will try to get some more pictures this weekend, and try not to let months go between photo shoots next time

Its difficult because as soon as I get the camera out, they both find other things to do and usually refuse to look at the camera. That's why Riley is looking down in the one pic, he seems to be like his meowmy and hates having his picture taken!
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They are fantastic pics, Paula. I've been slack with pics too!
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They look fantastic together!
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They really are gorgeous together!
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