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Our Fur Babies!

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Its been awhile since I posted pics of our kitties! Sure I have posted our rescues but nothing is as grand is sharing pics of our family!

I will have to take some more since I took these all last night and everyone was either tired or grouchy with me for pointing a camera at them

Anyways Here is our first Kitty! She was dumped shortly after we moved in! We had a "no cat policy" since I am allergic but we were in the process of building our house and although she was shy of us she kept sleeping with my little sisters.


And then Princesses son and daughter.

Her Son belongs to a friend of the family who lives with us. Meet Dakota

Any my Fluffy Bumpkin of over lovin tenderness...Sassy! she always puts my sisters to sleep at night..even climbs the ladder of the bunkbed!

And lastly my sisters cat "Gal" who by the way thinks she is ABOVE everyone else and picks on my sweet Sassy so they never really interact other than in passing. We thought when she was spayed she would be come more "lovie" but she will come and rub on you..but though must not touch the kittie without her permission

More to come!!

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Beautiful fur babies, keep them coming
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awwww, I love Princess and Dakota the best
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Awwwwww, all your cats are so beautiful. Gal is my favorite, even if she is a prickly girl. Keep posting!
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They're all beautiful! Dakota and Gal are my favs!
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They are beautiful, but I must say that I'm taken with Dakota, he looks so soft and silky
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You have some really cute kitties there!
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TY Sorry I am such a dip. We started haying and with my wild rehabs and rescues my life has been a lil out of hand! but I will try hard to take more pics!
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Here is some pics of Gal and Princess.

this evening she "took" over the living room floor and had to roll all over it...guess it was lacking her smell after we vacuumed.


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