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aggressive cat

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Help. My cat companioin if 10 years has always showed a fear aggression of other cats. The problem is I am usually the one she lets loose on. If she even sees another cat in our yard or on the other side of the screen door she turns on me. I have been severely bitten twice now on the calf. she takes several hours to calm down after the strange cat is gone. I worry about if she goes into one of her rages when I have guests or kids over!

The rest of the time she is the most enjoyable cat I have ever owned. At 10 years old she is still as playful as a kitten. She initiates play games and even begs for me to join in. She has proved to be the most intelligent cat I have ever owned and I have had to teach her tricks just to keep her mind engaged. She has always had a very confident in-your-face personality; greeting guests as if they are a big cat toy sent just to entertain her. I will not accept the option of giving her up because I know she will be un-adoptable. I cant keep the blinds or front door closed all the time. I have no control over neighbors who let their cats wander at will. My cat stays in my back patio garden or in the house. Please help. What can I do to stop this fear aggression?
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Have you tried Feliway? I've never used it, but others swear by it.
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Your cat is experiencing what is called redirected aggression. This is actually a very common thing with cats and there is a thread that talks about aggression in general. I won't repeat what is in that thread.


I hope this helps. I suggest you try some of the things in this thread and if they don't seem to be working for you, come back with some additional questions.

And just remember - you are not alone.
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