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I took a tumble today

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Not really sure if I stepped off the curb wrong or if I fainted. It happened so suddenly. I was standing up, felt myself fall and the next thing I know I'm on my hands and knees on the pavement and don't remember getting there.

Didn't really get majorly hurt or anything. A couple minor scrapes on 2 fingers, a slight abrasion on the palm of my left hand, and I think I might have hit the back of my hip/thigh/butt on the curb because it's a bit sore. Other than that I'm okay. My wrist was really sore initially and I was worried that I might have broken it, but all seems well. A bit tender, probably bruised, but good otherwise.

Freaked the taxi cab driver out though!
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Good grief! I hope you're feeling better and everything heals up quickly!
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Ow! My back hurts just reading this.

Glad to hear damage was minimal - except maybe to the pride.
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Aww you poor thing! I hope the soreness goes away quickly! A good soak in a bath with epson salt might help

Don't feel too bad though, one of my clumsy moments included me tripping over my heels and falling down a flight of stairs after church when I was in high school and breaking the bottom part of my tailbone. That was mildly embaressing
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That is so scary Linda.

I did that last year. It was in the middle of the night, I got up to go to the bathroom, I picked up Easy and the next thing I know was laying flat on my back. My head was hurting, so I went to the Dr for a CT scan and bloodwork, they couldnt find anything. It never happened again.
Make sure you you get it checked out if you think you hit your head.
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Oh my goodness, definitely go to the doctor!
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I hope your aches and pains go away soon. It also may be a good idea to follow-up with your doctor to makes sure this is not due to an undiagnosed medical issue.
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Glad to hear you didn't hurt yourself to badly, however keep an eye on the wrist it may not be broke but there are plenty of other injuries you could have.
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Eek!! I hope you feel better soon, That sounds scary!

Tuesday morning I set aside a couple plastic covers on a baking rack and they slipped off and the corner hit by my shoulder blade-instant pain.

Feeling your pain....get well soon!
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