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Job Interview Juju Please

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I know I tend to read here more than post but can I please get some interview juju for tomorrow. I have been out of work since November 2008 and this is the first interview I have had since January. I thank you for your help.
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Sending it your way!

Just remember to be honest and turn every negative into a positive. Especially if they give you the dumbest question asked in interviews: Name your 3 negative qualities. Really?... Reeeeeeeeally? So stupid, I hate it.

But in some better advice, just remember to list your accomplishments over duties at your previous job. For instance a receptionist may of had to answer calls and make coffee, but better if that applicant can additionally add "I created a new filing system that helped to better manage incoming correspondence from vendors, clients, and internal discussions. It cut down unnecessary time searching through stacks of papers on desks and was able to be easily understood by established and newer employees." Always talk about what you did above and beyond your job that made things better.

And I think you know that they will ask you why you haven't been working since Nov 2008 and what you have been doing. This is a great opportunity to talk about how you broadened your time by doing volunteer work which benefited you in a certain way. Even if not working was not by your choice - you need to make it seem like in the end it was. That you have taken 6 months to better yourself and now you are eager and ready to bring things you discovered and your past experience into this new job.
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^ good advice!
good luck!!
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Best of luck!!!

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Good luck to you.
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How did it go?
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