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Awwww, all these photos are so cute!!!
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I've been so overwhelmed with "Real Life" that I haven't been here in ages -- and this thread reminds me how much I miss it! Such sweet pictures, such beautiful kitties, such special people. I love you guys!
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I found the one of me with Kizzy. 3 sequencial photos....

We were laying down for a nap... These were taken in January I believe.

^ enjoying a nice warm cuddle

^ enjoying a nice scratch, and petting

and now to go along with some of the other pics...the "I'm gonna bolt" look. He was interested in the camera.... what a hog. (yep, I'm trying to hold onto him for one last pic)

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This is the cutest thread !
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Ok, isn´t 4 of June today, but is great if you want to share your photos!..

The important is share and not give!.. The cats will going to appreciate!...

come on!..more entrys please!..
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I love sharing pics but Jake doesn't like to be held so much as you can see from this pic, he's not cooperating!

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I can see that!... wasn´t convinced to pose with you!!...
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I saw this and tried to hug Google.... my arm is bleeding now...
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