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My cat is screaming at me constantly!

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He is a perfectly healthy two year old cat.

It started that he would just meow when he wanted attention.....then he started randomly meowing during the day until I'd give him full attention....then he'd start meowing in the middle of the night so I'd have to shut him out of the bedroom....NOW he is screaming outside of the bedroom door for hours until I get up and give him attention.

My cats are spoiled. They have yummy food, a water fountain, clean boxes, toys, etc....

He just wants CONSTANT attention and has the most high pitched annoying meow that just screeches at you. I'm talking about repeated meowing for hours on end until I give in. Since he's been screaming outside the bedroom door, I've been getting up at least twice in the night to give him treats or try to calm him down.

I have feliway diffusers in our home and use the spray as needed. He has toys that he isn't interested in. I'm losing my mind here.

It's just progressively gotten worse. He's walking around right now whining and meowing and when I call him he'll run over and I'll pet him and he'll purr and jump up to get some action.

Does anyone have any advice? I need my sleep and so does my husband. This cat is out of control, the vet said "some cats just like attention".
That can't be the only thing to say about this, there has to be more of a solution!
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Don't give in to him. You said it's progressively gotten worse which sounds like he is getting the reaction he wants out of you. As difficult as it may be you have to stop giving attention when he yells at you and do positive reinforcement by giving him lots of attention when he doesn't.
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The problem is, my husband is not a cat lover and is not handling the situation very well.

If the cat is screaming at night and I don't do something, he'll keep screaming for hours and hours.

*I* end up feeling guilty because they're "my cats" and he seems to think it's my fault that this is happening.

We have two bedrooms but I'm currently expecting, so the "spare bedroom" is being overhauled into a baby's room. I can't lock him in there for much longer when he is screeching all night.

Is there really nothing I can do to make him stop screaming?
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I fear there isn't a quick easy fix for this. I am wondering if his needs can be met in your household? My three are very vocal and needy and I can't imagine not taking care of them as they need to be. Thats why I worry about what will happen to them if something happens to me! Some cats are more needy than others, and more vocal than others about it. I worry especially with having a child around, your attentions are going to be even more diverted (as they should be) and I don't suppose he will be feeling very secure and happy when that happens.

Perhaps others will have some tricks up their sleeves to help you.
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Thanks for your replies!!

I honestly think this cat has a huge anxiety disorder. I am the only person he will allow near him. He runs from my husband (it kind of hurts my husband's feelings ) and anytime we have company, he hides so he's nowhere in sight.

I don't understand why he feels this way since we took his mother in when she was pregnant and she is still with he's had his Mommy his entire life. He's had a happy secure life so far.

Nothing traumatic has happened...he's just scared ALL.THE.TIME. and let's us know it! Veeeeery loudly.
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If it's just attention-seeking behavior, the healthiest thing for the cat is to not give in to it.
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This may be an obvious question but is he neutered?
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Perhaps some sort of anti-anxiety medication? They work for humans--why not cats?
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Yes, of course he's neutered.

I think maybe you guys are right and I need to ignore it.

I really hope it'll stop.

I'm going to start putting him in the guest bedroom at night. He woke me up again around 4 am and I put him in there and he shut right up.
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Earplugs and/or a fan going in your bedroom to mask the sound.

Just like he learned that his yelling at you made you respond eventually, eventually he will learn that his meowing at night will NOT get him a response.

Train them, don't let them train YOU. (Too much, anyway. )
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I too have had the same problem, Franky needs ALOT of attention & she howls & cries when she's locked out of a room especially at night...she scratches @ the door repetitively for long periods of time BUT over the past few weeks, she's slowly stopping these terrible habits - I used to open the door & pet her & give her treats but that only made it worse...I have a fan going in my room & I wear earplugs (my boyfriend snores like a bear) - it takes time but she's getting the picture & I'm confident these bad habits will stop eventually...patience that's all I can say, hope this helps!
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