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Me and my babies

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Hi! I'm not actually new here, not really. I used to have another LogIn, Jessica C, but got very busy with Real Life and had to take a leave from the internet. I doubt you remember me though, since I only made like 2 posts. Plus my real name isn't even Jessica, it's Tania...Jessica is my middle name that I sometimes use online.

Anyway I thought a re-introduction would be in order.

My name is Tania, I'm 19, and from the UK.

My "babies" are two beautiful kittie cats called Bonnie and Cassie. Bonnie is a Tortoise Shell cat and is about 8-9 years old. Bonnie was born right here in the house. Sadly her Mummy Molly had to be put to sleep last March when she got cancer but Bonnie is very healthy and loves the outdoors. She's an outdoor pet even though she got run over and almost died at 1 years old it never put her off going outside and she's never gone near the roads since...she sticks to the gardens now.

Cassie is barely just a year old and is a very sleek, very beautiful black shorthair. She has a tiny, barely visable white patch under her chin and green eyes. She was very fluffy when we first got her (she came from a woman who rescues strays and injured cats, in case your curious) but she lost the fluff as she grew and now is just a normal short hair. She is VERY soppy, VERY dependant on us, is a housepet (my idea - I did not want another cat getting run over...I've either owned or been very fond of FOUR cats who have been killed by cars) who doesn't go out at all, is NAUGHTY, but ever so cute. She's a big soppy baby and is always nearby either me or my Mum, constantly wanting strokes and attention. She is very playful and loves to chase after tape measures. Last night there was a little spider in the living room and she chased it all around the floor until she lost it under the couch.

Anyway that's me and my cats.

Can't wait to start posting here more now that I have unlimited time.
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Welcome back to the site Tania! I've very sorry to hear of the loss of Molly. Sounds like Bonnie and Cassie keep you very busy and very loved.

I do look forward to getting to know you and Bonnie and Cassie on the boards!
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Hi and welcome back True Blue!
Glad to see that you have made it back to the board! Hope to see you arround more!
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Welcome back to the site! Using one's middle name on the internet is actually quite normal.
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Welcome back- as you may remember, board members adore pictures of cats and kittens! Hope you will share some!
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