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Soft Paws for cat shows?

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Does anyone know if a cat is allowed to have the Soft Paws on while being shown? I want to put them on my girls a couple weeks prior to the show so they don't end up with a tonne of scratches (they're Sphynx). I will be showing in TICA.

Thanks all in advance!!
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Susan sorry you can not use them at cat shows.
You can put clothes on them the week before you show them so they do not get scratched up
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Nope - its considered "identifying" marks; like a collar. So its not allowed for when the cats are being shown. I have seen a HHP with them on, but never a purebred.
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Ok thanks ladies. I didn't think you could use them, but thought I would ask. I hadn't read it anywhere so I figured I better ask
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