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Ginger's babies are 6 weeks old!!

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Sorry I've been slacking--I started a new job and have been working 12 hour days so hubby has been filling in as kitten keeper!

Here are a few of the babies and Ginger--I'm missing a baby in the pictures, little Mace, the only boy--thats right I was wrong, the gray kitten is a girl--we are keeping a GIRL!!!

This is the girl's petfinder picture--Nutmeg, Sesame and Sage

Here is the girl we are keeping--she was Dill for 3 weeks as a boy, but no girl name yet--possibly Pepper, after my sweet turtle girl who we put to sleep over the weekend!

Miss Sesame--TROUBLE


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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
This is the girl's petfinder picture--Nutmeg, Sesame and Sage

I LOVE Nutmeg and PepperedDill

All the kitties are beautiful...they've grown well.
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HeHe thanks!! Nutmeg is just plain old adorable--she has the goofiest tail--when she has it up it lays almost flat against her back--before long it'll touch the tip of her nose I keep telling her.

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OMG! That first pic is gorgeous! 3 little sweet peas in a pod!
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oh my goodness, they're so snuggly
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SO Fluffy and cute!!!
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Soooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! But, but, but, I demand a picture of Mace!
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OMG! 4 beautiful fluffballs. I want to steal nutmeg.
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You know I've never seen a kitten that wasn't adorable, but that Torti with the stripe down her nose. I want to give her a big hug & kiss her little head!
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You can totally see the "trouble" look in Sesame's eyes! I love it!! They are all so great! What made you decide to keep Pepper over all the others?
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Oh my gosh!! I'll take them ALL!!!!! They're adorable.
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"Pepper"s purrsonality is what helped me choose. She's inquisitive, very loving and a comedienne--I think she'll fit with my two boys well. I'm also a sucker for a long haired cat. I honestly thought on day one that I'd connect with Sesame--I love orange cats--but she's too much for me to handle--though very sweet.

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OMG!!! They are soo irresistibly cute!!!
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Thank you!! I love them all!

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I still Sesame the best. Both of my cats are Trouble, and I think trouble is my favorite kind of cat. All of them are so cute though. I'd want to keep them all.
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Although I love them I know I can't provide for all of them--so I could never dream of them all staying. Harley is having a hard enough time dealing with me going back to work full time.

I look forward to meeting their new families though.

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They are too precious for words!!! I want all of them!!!

The first picture is wonderful!
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UuuuUUUuuuuuhhhhhhhh! (fainting from the cuteness!)

I would take any of them - even troublemaker Sesame!
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