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Weird question about nose color

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This question came up on another forum, and nobody had a satisfactory answer. Since this is the first time we've had a cat with a pink nose, it really has me wondering. Is it normal for the usually light pink nose of a cat (4 years old, no health problems, rather active) to sometimes look almost white? Once in awhile when JC is being lazy, i.e. sleeping half the day, which isn't always the norm for him - he got up at 7 a.m. today, had a 1 hour siesta at noon, and has been on the go ever since (it's after 10 p.m. here)- his nose looks a bit pale. Once he's up and about it turns pink again. One woman said her cat had a pale nose, and when she was checked out, she was diagnosed with anemia, while others said they had seen the same thing with their pink-nosed cats and thought it didn't mean anything. JC either stays up all day and sleeps all night, or sleeps the better part of the day and stays up all night. It seems to depend on the phases of the moon and who is home on any given day. He was checked out by a specialist when he was little. Diagnosis: hyperactive, but nothing to worry about. Avoiding food with soybeans has calmed him down quite a bit, but I'm a bit perturbed about the nose color, now that somebody else has brought it up.
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There are a few medical causes for something like this, but they all have to do with dermatology, and if serious, it presents with other signs such as scabs,rashes,lesions, etc.
Sometimes with a cat that has a pink nose, it will brighten when blood flow gets pumping, so if they are not active or not feeling well, it can be a lighter shade.
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All of our cats are pink nosed kitties, and never noticed changing colors. But in all truth I wouldn't worry about anemia. If your cat had anemia JC would be sluggish and doubtful to recover so fast unless there was an iron surge into JC's system. Also something to check is the paw pads. If they are pale too at the same time as the nose then that's not a good sign and most likely a blood disorder. All in all if something does seem amiss perhaps a call to the vet would be in order. I would just give a ring and say that you are curious if this is a sign of anything serious. Just a suggestion.
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He's due for his shots soon, so I'll ask the vet then. The pads of his feet don't get pale, nor do the mucuous membranes of his mouth or his gums. I don't think he seems sick at all. It just seems a bit strange. My husband also says it's because his blood pressure is a bit lower when he's been lying around.
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I wonder if it has anything to do with the temperature of their surroundings. Spike has a pink nose, and I notice the same thing as you do jcat with JC. Sometimes his nose is a very pale pink, and others, it's a deep pink color. I have noticed that it always seems to be nice and pink when he's curled up on a fuzzy blanket, and you can tell he's all warm and cozy. I don't know... but if you find out, I'd love to know as well.
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The exact same thing happens to Miss Kitty. I was always a bit curious about it, but never thought it was something to worry about. but now i'm a bit nervous! keep us posted if anyone get any more info.
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Sometimes with a cat that has a pink nose, it will brighten when blood flow gets pumping
This definitely happens with our newest addition, Charm. When she gets to playing at night, I've noticed her nose gets a bit darker pink. Then, it signals me it's time to calm it down a little.

Our 17 year old has a pink nose as well, and I've noticed as she's aged, it will look very pale at times and then get a little pinker when she's up and about.

Lucky, of course, has a black nose, so I don't usually notice any color changes with her nose.

I believe Sandie hit it right on the head when she stated that if the cat is acting normal (ie - energetic, playful, etc) it is most likely nothing to be concerned about. However, if you notice changes in the cats behavior (lethargic or whatnot) get her/him checked out by a vet.
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that happens with one of my kitties too!! VERY weird??
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Sunshine has the amazing chameleon nose too! His is usually pale pink, but I have seen it darker pink when he was sick, and pale, just about white, when he's been in the attic in winter and it's chilly. He has learned that I am a sucker for cold kitty noses and paws, and will come to me to get them warmed
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Thanks for the replies. I'm relieved that it's not just JC's nose that changes color. I'll definitely ask the vet when I take him in for his annual check-up and shots in July.
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