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Alien body snatcher

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I walked in the back door and my Sasha came running to greet me as usual. Then he sensed there was something terribly wrong. He backed up and bristled. He looked at me as if he didn't know me. It looked like me but... Could I be a space alien? It was very unsettling for him.

The fact was I had just gotten home from a full body massage and the oil the masseuse used on me freaked my kitty out.
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Sent is a powerful thing for animals.

I remember our late, but not forgotten, "old girl, Molly.

Years ago we thoght we would try an new type of litter.

It had a very mild but pleasing (to us) sent.

Upon introduction to the new product, Molly didn't see it that way, she got all bushy and started to hiss at everything

Needlesss to say, there was a rapid replacement with the original, and acceptable, product.
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Usually the body snatcher around here turns us into axe murderers whenever we are carrying something large - a box, a laundry basket, something like that. I try to tell them that I'm not an axe murderer, but they don't listen until I put the item down, and then I suddenly become Meowmy again.
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At one time I had 4 adult cats. One got her hair shaved once a year and when I brought her home, the other 3 went bonkers. The shaved cat, a usually passive quiet cat, thought it was funny and would chase, sneak and pounce on the others. She was 17yrs old! It was the smell from the groomers that drove the other 3 nuts! No one scratched but there was a lot of hissing going on for a good 8 hours! The 3 of them even hissed at the cat carrier lol

Careful changing smells around cats!
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Our first cat, Snoopy, had that reaction whenever I put a hat on. It just wasn't "me" any more!
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