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Marlow update

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It's been two weeks since I TNR'd Marlow. He's still here every morning and evening but I'm not sure what he does during the day.

He's still not as comfortable with me as he was before I TNR'd him. Who could blame him.

I left a worked in shirt near his food bowl last evening. He wouldn't come near it. He new the food was there but couldn't muster the nerve to get that close to the shirt. My wife made me remove the shirt so he could eat.

My indoor cat Sasha still frets about Marlow being around but it seems that he may not be as obsessed as he was last week. Sasha gets the gooood kitty treatment as we both watch Marlow outside.
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The longer you feed him, chances are the closer he will stay close to home. And it's good news that Sasha is relaxing a bit with him hanging outside. If you see them sniffing each other on either side of a screen, you are close to trying to get Marlow back inside your home.

But generally, it sounds like things are working out for you!
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Actually Sasha and Marlow haven't been close at all. The weather has turned hot and we've been using the AC. It's supposed to cool off tonight and tomorrow night. If so we'll give them a shot at the screendoor relationship. Marlow lays on the deck each evening till at least dark.
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