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Another Rescue on the way!

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I have been talking to a nursing home in a town by us for awhile now b/c there is a cat that lives there(outside) that keeps having litter after litter. That all normally die. But I wasnt really getting anywhere.

WELL they had a complete owner takeover and the new company wants the cat gone NOW! They have an outside area for the residents and the cat mainly stays there. But the cat has started climbing in the residents laps and family members are complaining about cat scratches. the cat has been living off of scraps fed by the residents. I just got the call an hour ago!

So I am heading over and setting up some havaheart traps! Wish me luck! I have never met the cat I have just been told about her and her poor litters.

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Sending many vibes that you're able to get a hold of the kitty.

Thank you for caring and please keep us posted!
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So far my traps are still empty. They said they would call when she was in one.
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oh the terrrible waiting! I found out she is black kitty! Her last litter was 8 -9 weeks ago all died but one they were born in the rain and a nurse took one home after hte rest had died. Hopefully I can set her spay day the same day as the other four I have ready! It an hour drive to the vet to an all in one shot is the best!
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The waiting is so hard when you're trying to trap.

That's so sad about her last litter. Sending more vibes that you're able to trap the kitty and get her into to be spayed.
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Well I had her. But a nurse was helpful and had tried to put her in a cardboard box for me and she escaped.
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Well I just got her home an hour ago!

She is in no way a black cat Check out this lovely lady!!!

And I dont even need to have her examined by my vet to know she is bursting with Kittens. Though she will be seeing him tomorrow anyways.
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Wow. She's a real beauty. So relieved you got her. Hope all goes well at the vet.
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She is going to be ok! She finally ate for me today! She hisses if you try and touch her but I think she may tame down and I may be able ot rehome her to an indoor home. Time will tell.

Vet said she needs ALOT of extra care b/c of the fact that she got pregnant back to back. Supposedly this is her third litter this year. And it wil be her LAST! poor baby! I have my vet on call just in case.
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