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I feel so awful . . . .

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My pooooooor baby! She has ringworm, and we washed her in that special shampoo the vet gave us Thursday night, and then dipped her in a lime-sulphur solution. We have also been putting Lotrimin on her twice a day. We've been keeping her in the bathroom, and trying to minimize contact with her (especially me since I'm allergic to sulphur and break out when I touch her now).

But she is so pitiful!!!! She is the sweetest cat, she never hisses or bites or scratches us when we medicate or bathe her. She just cries and tries to get away, but without unsheathing her claws. She is so bedraggled from all the stuff we put on her, too. It's turning her funny colors. She is sad, too, since we have to isolate her. Waaaa!!!!!

I feel like I'm being such a bad mommy, even though all of this is necessary. She cries all the time from the bathroom, especially when she hears us in the next room. We have a bed in there for her, and toys. But I don't know what else to do!!!!!!
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I feel awful for you! You are doing the very best for her though. Hopefully it wont take long to get rid of the ringworm. My thoughts are with you and Luna. Maybe put something with your scent in there with her in her bed may comfort her, like an old t shirt or something. Hissy recommended I do that when I took mine into the vet for an overnight stay.
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Just pick out a certain set of old clothes and go in and sit on the floor and read out loud to her. Just let her know that you are near for her. Put a towel on your lap so when she does climb up on you your clothes won't pick up any of the spores.

I know this sucks big time, but getting rid of ringworm is not easy and not a laughing matter.
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Both of you need to spend as much time with her as you can. Like was earlier suggested, wear old clothes, use a towel, and if need be put on some latex gloves. She needs comfort because she's feeling as miserable as you are.
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I just emailed you-
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