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Wake up with a paw!

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Every morning, when my cat (Pippa) decides that i no longer should be lying in bed and need to get up and feed her, she will jump on my bed, sit facing me right next to my head, and very slowly and gently, she will tap my face. Her claws are out, but she does not leave scratches and does not hurt as she does it so gently! Sometimes i will turn over, but she will then just walk around my pillow and carry on, on the other side!

Then, i sometimes get so fed up that i pull the covers over my head, so, she wont just headbutt me, she will literally run to the end of the bed, and in full speed, run at me and headbutt me that way!

I can also go in any room of my house and she wont always follow me, but every single time i go into the bathroom, she has to follow me and will sit in there with me until i leave the room. No privacy! If i close the door, she will frantically paw and howl till i let her in!
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oh wow! Your Pippa is exactly the same as my Prissy! If you continue to ignore her, does she go from pats to stickeng her paw in your nose or your ear? There is no such thing as sleeping in at my home! But even when it's been a bad night, somehow I just can't get angry at her. It makes me smile when she wakes me up this way.
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Have you ever seen that video Simon's Cat? If you search for it on youtube I'm sure you will relate to it! LOL
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Originally Posted by DragulescuGirl View Post
Have you ever seen that video Simon's Cat? If you search for it on youtube I'm sure you will relate to it! LOL
But without the baseball bat!

Here is the link
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Chynna often wakes me up with her paw! She likes to lay on the pillow next to my head and give me nose kisses while I scratch her chin and massage her paw. If she decides that she wants interactive cuddles and kisses and my face is facing away from the pillow she is on, she will reach out with her paw, toes spread so that it makes her paw twice as big, and gently "grab" my face with her paw and try and turn it towards her. I keep her nails clipped short so it doesn't hurt, and she isn't trying to hurt me: she's just trying to get my face turned towards her so that she can give me nose kisses

Abby will tap my arm or leg if I am petting her and stop. She doesn't use her nails, just the paw pads and very gently.
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That is so cute.I am amazed at how gentle and soft a cat caress can be.Superb muscle control,is`nt it?
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Kinko - who is the most gentle giant of a cat I have ever known and loved, often sleeps in my arms. Many times I have woken up to him caressing my check - and not for food! He'll just stroke my cheek a couple of times and nuzzle back into me.

People who say cats don't have emotions are DEAD WRONG - to me that is a perfect example of a cat showing his love and care for me.
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Flowerbelle, who is deaf, always "talks" with her paws (though she is NOT mute! ). She was sooooooo sick when we first rescued her, she could not do much but sleep. We fed her in our bed, carried her to the litter box, and we used to let her drink water out of a bottle cap. Well, six years later, she still LOVES her "bottle cap water treat," as we call it now. Every morning, I wake up to that paw in my face, asking for her treat. If I pull the covers over my head and put the pillow over that, she just figures out a way to dig in there, and then she'll start pulling on my hair with her mouth!

Gotta love the paw!

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Originally Posted by DeeDeeMay View Post
But without the baseball bat!

Here is the link
Oh My! That is my life. Except for the bat, she runs and jumps on my tummy and launchs her self across the room. I am Tamara trampoline.
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Iris sits on the desk next to my computer. If I don't have a hand free to pet her she reaches out and taps my face, no claws, until I give her some attention. Of course, as soon as I start typing again she starts tapping my face again as well.
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