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Claire the stray

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I have a stray cat to which I feed and named Claire. She is very friendly, however, I'm unable to take on any other cats at this time, I already have 4 of my own. I feed her but that's all I can do for her. Because she is 100% outdoors, I don't know how she would react to being indoors. If anyone in the Atlanta area or anywhere for that matter has any ideas as to what I can do for her let me know. As much as I would hate to see her spend the rest of her life outdoors, she holds her own very well. She is boss. I have 2 other strays(not as friendly)who come to feed, and they have to do so when she is sleeping otherwise Claire will kick their buts. I'm not so sure she will get along with other cats or not.

I'm quite certain she hasn't got a home because she hangs out on my porch 24-7.

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another shot of Claire.

She is a real sweetie!
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Kristin, She sounds like a wonderful cat, and I'm sure you wish you could keep her. I'm sure, like me, you must be concerned in case she is not spayed. Would it be possible to get in touch with some agencies that discount the price of spaying? Is there a lot of traffic in your area? I am probably asking questions that you have already considered, but you know that a litter would just worsen the problem.

Have you checked the list of no-kill shelters at the top of this page? Have you tried calling the vet to see if there have been any requests for cats? I'm sure you have spoken to family and friends. I do hope you find a home for her. Please keep in touch!
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Of course I am worried that she isn't spayed. It is possible at some point she had a home because she is very sweet. I guess the vet could look for a scar from a previous ovariohyterectomy

I have contacted as many rescue/shelters as I could find in Georgia, and they are all full.

I haven't looked into spaying yet because I can't afford it. I work for a vet, but even with my discount, it would still cost over $100. If I can find a reasonable price that will do it I'll consider traping her.

No-one in my family can take her.

I live in a apartment complex, and it is set far back from the road. I don't think there is too much danger of her being hit by a car, as she never ventures far from my apartment.

Maybe put flyers up in my complex? Would that be a waste of time?

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Kristin, As long as you can check these people to know she will get a good home, I think that would be fine. Of course you know that there are people who would sell her for medical research, or worse, so I'm sure you'll be careful. I'm surprised your boss won't help; perhaps the humane society or SPCA will be able to refer you to an organization that will give you a good price. Of course she might already be spayed. Have you asked your boss about this at all?
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Actually, I haven't asked her yet. Back in March, I had a intact male that I named Wesley, and my boss gave me a big break to neuter him. I just don't want to push it. And then when you really want to look at it, there is yet another intact male, to which I call T.C (for tabby cat)who comes to my porch to feed. He is afraid of people though. But what about him? See it's an endless cycle. Sometimes I feel like I just shouldn't be feeding them at all.

I'm considering asking her about Claire though. I have the weekend to think about it.
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She is beautiful! You are doing a good thing by feeding these strays. I would definitely check into getting Claire spayed if she isn't already. The last thing you need is for Claire to bring you 4-6 little ones to take care. Check out http://www.savesamoa.org/html/spay_neuter.html if you need assistance with the cost of the Spay. There are links there for nationwide low cost spay/neuter programs if your boss is unable to help defray the cost for you.
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Thanks, I have bookmarked the link. I will also speak w/ my boss on Monday.
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My sister lives in Savannah and she told me one time about a pet store in Atlanta that only took in stray cats found on the street. I am racking my brain trying to think of the name- she sent me a picture and I would recognize the storefront (I know big help) but perhaps if you called a couple of pet stores in the Atlanta area they would know?

Claire is a pretty cat, I hope you find a home for her. One thing that I do quite often is I go to the shops and businesses in the area to see if anyone needs/wants a store cat. I point out the benefits of the public relations aspect to having a cat in the store and how it has been shown to increase foot traffic to that location.
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I am still taking care of a stray that adopted me and my neighbor about 2 yrs ago, we went in together a few months ago and got her spayed because she has had 3 litters of kittens in 2 yrs. I adopted all of these little ones out! She will not come into my home and the one time she did she tried to attack Ginger my oldest cat. So for now my neighbor and I both feed her and she sleeps in a cat carrier that i leave outside for her.
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I am glad that you and your neighbor got your furry friend spayed. It will be a real blessing to her not to have to deal with the Toms who want to mate and with being pregnant and having more unwanted babies. Bravo to you both for helping this feral kitty!
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