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Need Help with Decision

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My children are understanding now the importance of being gentle to the cat and leave him alone most of the time. So I am thinking about getting another cat. I will probably get another male cat. I don't know if I should try and get one about Jake's age or a little younger or older. Jake's on kitten formula and it will be kind of hard when I change him to adult formula when the time comes. But Jake needs a playmate. Do you guys think I should get a three to six month old buddie for Jake? I need to get him a playmate so he will stop chasing everyone's legs.
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I have 2 cats & they have SO much fun together. I think it's a great idea! Now I know NOWHERE near what some of the others on this site do, but I think that you would get a cat around the same age but maybe a little younger I can't remember how old Jake is but I think 3-6 months old is a good idea.

I'm so happy Jake is going to have a new buddy & that another kitty will be rescued!!
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Jake is four going on five.
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since he's 4 or 5 I would think you could even go up to 2 or 3 years old, and then you would save an older cat who may not be adopted out as easily as a kitten.

I'm telling you, this is such a great thing. I don't know how my girls would get by without each other. I would rather watch them play together than anything else in the world.
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I agree with airprincess. getting an adult cat would be great, since you'd save a life. my friend has two adult cats, and they just Love to play together!
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Okay not to be a damper on this happy thread. But here is just something to think about.

I agree that getting another cat could be great! Who wouldn't want more kitties :laughing: Keep in mind that an adult cat has it's own ways and is sometimes pretty set in them. Kitties don't know the way it is and it may give comfort to your 4 year old cat to be able to claim his home and be the Boss. Kitties tend to follow the older cat around, learning from it, and not intimidating because it is so much smaller.

Just another perspective to keep in mind.
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You might want to wait until Jake gets neutered. If an "invader" comes into his territory, he might decide to mark things to show the new cat what's his (everything in the house).
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Since Jake is 4-5 years old is there any reason why he is on kitten formula? Or is he 4-5 months?
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It sounds to me like Jake is ready for a playmate....let's just hope the playmate is ready for HIM! :laughing:

Please keep us posted on what you decide, and how it goes!!!
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Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your comments.
Well Jake is almost 5 months. The thought of getting an older cat is a good suggestion. But would the older cat take kindly to bites and him being jumped at by the younger, friskier Jake? I will get another cat as soon as Jake is neutered.I also would like a cat about his age so that when the time comes that I have to change foods, I can change them together. If I get a younger cat, would he be able to bare Jake's playfulness?
Donna, I need to ask you this:you live in a one-bedroom apartment with alot of cats. Where do you put all their litterboxes and food bowls? Do they play with the same scratching post. I am considering getting one of those cat condos.
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I think that you will just have to find out about the personality of the cat no matter what age it is. I am just glad you have decided to give Jake a buddy. Just make sure you tell the Humane Society or wherever you go that your cat is very playful and you are looking for a playmate for him. They usually know who to recommend.

I live in a one bedroom as well with 5 cats and a husband. Granted, it is a large one bedroom, I have found two cool fireplace screens that work great to hide the litter boxes. You can even get plain wooden ones or painted ones. You can put them in a corner with the litter box behind it. It works great!!! And, it gives your kitties the privacy they like when pottying!
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Older Cats Rule!!!

There are many older cats (2-20 years) out there that need good and loving homes.

If you chose to adopt a cat from a no kill shelter the staff may be able to advise you on which cats available have a history of getting along with other pets and children. Many no kill shelters also allow returns in the event the mix just doesn't take.

Older cats are not in the same demand as kittens. Kittens are cute and cute and, oh yes, cute. I've seen a great number of older cat plus kitten mixes that are better than sliced bread (maybe even better than sunglasses).

I adopted a 15 year old neutered male - Shaman about 10 years ago. The shelter said he would not like other cats and young children. Well, he was a cuddly poky-bear who would often initiate mutual grooming and cuddling with other cats and who did not seem to mind when the young neighbor children would dress him up like a dolly and drag him by one toe through bramble runs and potholes....(i'm exaggerating a little teeny tiny bit here) They actually only drug him across the carpeting. He even took being pitched in the pool a great deal more calmly then I did when I found out about the dunking. Appearantly he just swam to the side got out and flopped on one side "la la la la la te da wasn't that just a hoot you young sheenanigenars"....So please in Shaman's memory don't be afraid of getting and older cat.
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That's a cute story about Shaman, I'll bet you miss him. It sounds like he was really great with the kids!! (and extremely tolerant!)
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Thanks everyone for your suggestion. I am going to get an older cat. I will probably do it as soon as Jake gets neutered. I might get a female. The shelters here have the pets neutered even before they are put up for adoption. They are $49 dollars at the humane society. It will probably save me more on the vaccines.
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I think that is wonderful!!!!! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Yes I do miss him but I know the last years of his life were good.

He was a humoungous black tom who had been neutered later in life. I could tell because his head was so very broad. I first encountered Shaman while donating time (and money, and sweat) vaccinating local shelter kitties. Six or Seven Months went by most of which dear Shaman spent in a cage. He was older and his adoption tag said "not good with kids or other animals." I had other cats but decided to give him a try anyway.

My best method of acclimmatizing cats new to one another is to starve everybody for 24 hours, drop the new cat in the middle of the other cats ignore all of them (totally and completely - most important step here) and feed everyone together (including humans) later in the night. Works everytime (so far...knock on wood).

Well Shaman turned out to the gentlest cat I've ever had. If my scanner were working I would send you some pictures of Shaman after the neighbor kids dressed him in doll clothes. I disapproved of this but Shaman actually seemed to enjoy being played with by the kids and would come out whenever the children visited.

Eventually his earlier hard life took its toll and I felt it best to end his life with dignity (it would be nice if I could go this way to....). He had developed tumors that finally impinged on his brain and had stopped responding to chemotherapy. As a result he was partially paralyzed and could not control his bowels. I knew this upset him since he could not groom himself either. I did have him in premie diapers for 3 months and although he adjusted the spark of joy was slowly dimming from his eyes. At the last we spent a week doing the things he liked and celebrating his life. He began to lie down to sleep in his litter box which from experience I know cats do when the sense the end of their life is near.

On our last day I held him while he received first an injection of ketamine to put him to sleep and then the injection that took his life. I held him for hours, couldn't let him go. I held him until he was cold.

I would rather bury my pets but since I move often I keep their ashes. I have a request in my will that the ashes of all my cat friends be scattered at the same place my ashes are scattered, hopefully at the same time.

Shaman is just one of many friends who've left my life: feline, canine, equine and human. He's exceptional in that he really changed my mind about what older cats are capable of. I made it a point to fill his 'place' with another older cat and another and another. My house has a permanent 'chair' reserveded for old shelter cats. I hope Shaman's story can inffluence other to open a 'chair' for older cats needing adoption in their homes.
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Hi Pamela....

Come visit my thread under Behavior: The Name of the Game.

Originally replicated in The Name of the Game I'd like to dedicate this poem today to Pamela In Her Indecision.

Playing with a kitten is fun,
and better yet with two not one!
Of all things shared twixt cat and ape
the king of these is jest and jape!!!

I orginally described a game my cats and I play in response to a post post called "a new trick" by Mindy. My response was titled Rambunctious Kitten, Shredding Carpet ((( which I thought was a rather clever play on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon myself.........OK Ive inheirited a little arrogance from my 'meeze' OK??????????)))

This game is played during the first 30 minutes after I've gone to bed and I called it the:

Giant Toe Montster Attack Leg/Tummy/Head Stomp Pillow Spelunking Ultra Mega Fetch Drop Your Toy In The Toilet And Get IT Back Out Without Falling In And Getting Wet But If You Do Go Immediately To Person And Get All Kissy Faced Don't Forget To Bring Your Wet Toy With You World Wrestling Federation Body Slam Dunk Your Cat Friends And Pretend To Your Actually Going To Eat Their Noses Off Right There In the Middle Of The Bed Game.

So tell me what is your game and what is it's name????
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Hello! I recently adopted a 8 year old female cat who came from a household of 2 other cats so i have been trying to decide if i should get another cat to keep her company.

Sunniday seems happy and i was wondering if she likes being alone (get a lot of indiv attention this way) and not having to compete with other cats for attention. That's one reason why i'm having a hard time deciding whether to get another cat or not.

Also,my apt doesn't allow pets (i will be moving in nov) so i'm kinda concerned about getting another cat due to this. I am hoping I won't get caught before i move.

Should i wait till nov after I move then get another cat or get one now?

I am also currently on a budget and am concerned about the additional costs of getting another cat.

Let me know what u think and i heard that it's best to get pets of same sex. is that true?

should i get a cat around the same age or younger or wait??
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Thanks for dedicating the poem to me.
Hope to hear from u more regarding my qq.
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I was about out the door. Well...If your apartment complex does not allow pets and you do decide to get another cat have an understanding neighbor or friend who can catsit on those days when the management decides to inspect the apartment.

I live in a complex that does allow pets, but only one per apartment. I have six cats and any number of arrangements with my fellow multicat conspirators to take my cats should the management decide to inspect the air filters (or whatever).

Frankly, I think it's your space and you should have governance over it while you tenant the place. A little civil disobedience from time to time is a balm to the weary soul. Question authority. And get another cat now if you want one now.

I've found that two isn't much more burdensome financially than one....but six?????????

Have a good night!!!!
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Tricia...I don't know about anybody else, but your story of Shaman brought me to tears. It is so sad how you held him in his final moments, and everything else you said in your are truley a cat lover....Shaman was one lucky cat to have met you and gotten such love from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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