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Kabuki's mom

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For those who don't know, Last Saturday, Maxine my chow mix found Kabuki at the edge of the road, we left her and came back an hour later to see if her mom would collect her, she didn't so we adopted her. Anyway Maxine has decided she is going to be kabuki's mom and so interested in her, She gives her kisses, watches her play with her toys and makes sure the other dogs, stay away from her and her food. Well last night, Maxine woke me up at midnight, Thinking she had to go out, We got up and she ran to Kabuki's room, stuck her head in Kabuki's covered bed, Made sure she was ok and then went to bed.
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That is such a cute story!!!! I love chow chows and by default chow mixes and the two of them look adorable in this photo. Kabuki is going to rule the home in no time! As cats are prone to do...

I hope you can get a few more cuddle photos of the two of them. I love seeing photos of big dogs and little cats.
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Your story reminds me so much of the Looney Tunes cartoons with Marc Antony (the big bulldog) and Pussyfoot (the adorable kitten):

It's just SO sweet! And your picture of Maxine and her kitten Kabuki is just as sweet as the cartoon...actually moreso since it's real.
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That's so sweet!!! I'm glad the little one has such a caring "mom".
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That is so lovely! What a sweet story. I'd love to see more cuddle pics of the two of them.
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Way to go Maxine!!

Too funny - waking you up so that she could check on Kabuki! They'll be sleeping together in no time.
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That's a lovely photo and story. Maxine and Kabuki are both so beautiful
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what cuties!

I love Kabuki's orange tootsies!
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