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Flighty older cat

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I posted in here about a month ago about my flighty older retired breeding queen. She is still flighty, but at least stays still for a pat when there's something extra tasty in the food dish. When she's in deep sleep, sometimes I sneak a pat or two and she responds normally (loud purr, slow blinking, yawning, head butt, kneading action, turning over to get her belly rubbed when she feels like it) but it seems like whenever she sees anyone approaching, she gets really scared and runs away. Is it just her temperament?

She seems to enjoy human company... she says hello to my dog every morning now (although my dog's not very fond of her) and rubs on him to say hi but she doesn't seem to be warming up to moi.

She seems to be a very timid type. I've lessened the boundaries somewhat and allowed her to sit on the balcony or on the front doorstep to watch the outside (she's strictly indoors). Once my dear partner closed the door when she was outside mingling with the birds and she didn't make a sound! I realised she was missing an hour later (because she hides from us anyway) - we called her and she came charging for the door, so at least she isn't running away from *us* - she just seems afraid in general, of almost everything.

Sigh! Cats!
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My girl adopted me when she was about a year old, and was this way her entire life (she passed close to age 20). I learned to adapt to her requirements--i.e., IF she wanted to be petted, she'd come stand next to me and wait. When she had her fill, she left. She had minimal needs for human contact, and most of my pet sitters were very upset because she would not permit them to touch her (although I told them this in advance, they never believed me). Just accept her as she is and love her on her terms.
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