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this is the life....

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yep smokey seems quite content with me thats for sure...I had to take photos of him on the couch..all of these are taken with my olympus e520..and pretty much straight off the camera..just cropped and resized

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HAHAHA oh my gosh! That poor baby is suffering. Hahaha what a cutie, that is one of the cutest lounging photos i have seen LOL.
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Smokey is settling right in, isn't he? What a handsome, lovable boy he is.
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Ya think he's comfortable?!?
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yep he's settled in nicely..and the other cats are good with him now. Sabrina doesn't hiss at him much anymore so thats fact she now goes right up to him and sniffs him..
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Wow he sure looks happy Definitely a fan of Smokey getting comfortable on what looks like a fantastic sofa. What's it made of?
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not sure but I remember the color is called brick red..its almost like a velvet material...and its its a sofabed..
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Yeeaahh.... I think he feels at home!
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Smokey is beautiful, I love him he looks so comfy!
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Those pics are awesome! Smokey the kitty on the plush red velvet!
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Now that is one comfy kitty!!
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Every kitty should sleep on velvet. At least that's what my Ophelia tells me.

Tell Smokey that the red really brings out his fur coloring nicely. It's a lovely contrast. That is a kitty that is really lovin' life on the inside!
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That poor kitty! What a hard life he's living! I WANT that sofa!! very cool!
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Life is tough all over, eh?

Gorgeous boy knows how to choose his background to set off his lovely fur.
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