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Warning-Kaopectate has changed!

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My husband just brought home a new bottle of Kaopectate. I noticed right away that it looked different. Thank goodness I took the time to read it! It is "new and improved". NOT! It now has bismuth subsalicylate in it! This is the same stuff Pepto has in it! Bad stuff for the kitties! Do NOT give this to your cats! Please pass the word on. Kim
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Oh no! My vet just told me last week to give Kaopectate to Luna for diarrhea and I did!!!!!! I'm running to check the bottle RIGHT NOW!
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Oh no!!!!! It has that stuff in it!!! What will it do to her??????
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Oh, I'm so worried! What does it do to cats????? I'm a bad kitty mommy!! I had no idea, and the vet told me to do it!
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Viva, have you given it to her any time recently like today or yesterday? Hopefully Hissy will see this...she helped me a few months back with a Pepto incident.
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Hey Renee-

The problem is the substance is hard for the kitten to absorb- but she needs a high level of this stuff to actually become ill. I am reasonably sure you did not give her very much- did you?

Just watch her closely (without being paranoid) and look for signs of change with her- if she starts vomiting a lot, or becomes glassy eyed weak or lethargic. I would stop using it for now-instead I would put just a little bit of metamucill into her wet food to give her some fiber to help bind her up a bit.
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Oh, well, then I guess there's nothing to worry about. Her last dose of it was this past weekend. . . almost a week ago. It was because she had diarrhea from the Clavamox she had been on at the breeder's for her runny nose.

So, I know now not to give her anymore. But she never threw up or showed any negative side effects from it. So . . . guess we got by it, luckily! Thanks, MA.
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Good thing someone mentioned this...Growing up my dad always gave his cat a teaspoon of Pepto when she was getting sick (diareah mainly)and she was OK and always felt better. I've always thought it was OK to give it to them since he did and it never hurt bright-eyes (who sadly died of old age a few years ago). Ive never had to give it to my cats yet....

Does anyone know whether or not pepto really can hurt them?
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Pepto Bismol can damage a cat internally. It has ingredients inside that the cat's system cannot metabolize. It should NEVER be given to a cat or kitten.
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Ok I thought something wasfishy with giving kitties pepto bismol .. THANK GOD i never hadto give it to my kitties.. :whew:
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