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Daily Thread HUMP day June 3rd

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Morning folks!

Hi! I am going to work in a bit...it is going to be sunny and 18 degrees today.

No real plans..just going to come home and relax. Josh is going to play squash.

Last night my maid of honour came over and we did alot of crafty stuff for the wedding! Yay! I love getting things done!

Okay I am off...you all have a good one.
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Just started CNA classes and today is an off day for classes so have to run out to buy scrubs for the first lab on Friday. Well, first I have to locate a place that sells them, I know of one place but it is an hour long bus ride. Anyone in the Madison WI area, suggestions are welcome! (I am on the south side)
Going to be a cool day weather wise, mid 60's, which is OK by me as a recent trip to donate blood plasma did not go well, they infiltrated my vein. Thats where the needle pokes through the wall of the vein, and the return (thats where they put your red cells back in) pooled under my skin. It doesn't hurt anymore but looks just god awful, big, big bruise that is just a delightful rainbow of ghastly. They tried to get a good vein on the other arm, that did not go well either, another bruise. Long sleeves are most welcome right now!
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Good morning...

well it hasn't started off as a good one, I got into a fight with my kids about things they are supposed to do and don't do even after my husband talked to them about it before he left... uggggg.

Great way to start the day

I have physio soon and then after that a friend of mine has a job interview so I'm going to watch the kids she bbsits till her own kids get home.

Not a whole lot planned today really.

Have a good day folks.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and looks like it's going to be a nice day

Not up to much today, have a few errands to take care of after lunch.

May stop by the library to pick up some new reading material.

Tonight is of course my favorite TV night of the week so that's what I will be doing then.

The kitties are good, Linus is laying on the back of armchair by my desk doing his best worm imitation trying to convince me he'll die without some attention.

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning!

It looks beautiful outside after the BIG thunderstorms past. They kept DH up this morning. I saw lightening and rolled over.

DS slept so long and peacefully last night. It's looking like a good day for him.

American Thrift is supposed to stop by. We have 8 boxes outside waiting for them. Mom has this huge wall book case in the basement and she doesn't read the books. I tried to sell them but no one wants them. So we are donating them. This is their second pick-up and I think we can get two more boxes for next time. It's nice to have the laundry room space back now that the boxes are outside. Hopefully they show up. I hate to have DH carry them back in.

Yesterday I vacuumed and finally sat down to order parts. The self propel just isn't working right. I had such a hard time finishing one room. I can't wait for them to arrive. No really I can't wait to use the clean filters and hose extension on the stairs.
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Wow - what a busy day this Thursday has been and it's only 1PM!

I got called into work last night which is great because I need the extra cash. I had a sleep in this morning and was up at 9 getting chores done. I've been working hard all day on getting the schedule out for my club's cat show in July, our show in June is already fast approaching!!

I really need to go and check my lottery tickets and buy some cat food down town and then by the time I get back it will be time to go to work again. Joy!

Have a good day folks

ETA: 4 out of 5 of my cats are currently enjoying some gorgeous afternoon sun!

ETA: I just found the 5th one in the conservatory too so that's 5 out of 5. I found him because he was snoring (he's my old boy!)
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