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Hairballs and Allergies

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My name is Rachel M. I joined this forum because I lack cat experience. I raise and show Whippets but cats are very different! I have a cat who has chronic hairballs and putting her on a hairball formula food hasn't helped. I try to brush her but she doesn't really enjoy this. Do you think having her groomed and shaved would help? She is a longhaired black and white with an amazing amount of undercoat. I would like to get a stripping knife for my longhaired dogs (I have a Border Collie and two Windsprites) and I am wondering if it would work for the cats?

Her name is Lucy but I call her Lucy Lucifer because she is mercurial towards my white longhaired kitty Ollie and he never knows when it is safe to give her cheek rubs.

I adopted another longhaired white male yesterday because he is so sweet and I think he has severe allergies. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow but advice would be helpful. What are the main causes of cat allergies?

His eyes are scabby and he doesn't open them all the way. He has open sores on his body where he's picked at himself. He also has a runny nose. He was an inside cat with sixteen other cats and none of them were ill but I have him quarantined just to be safe. His name is Prince Charming and it suits him. He's just a dear boy, so loving. All of my kitties are so outgoing and sweet. I'm very fortunate to have them.
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Welcome to TCS ... I would advise deleting your last name as this is the internet

Most only use a shed blade on the show cats ... something that may work for you is called a furminator ...

what type( brand and formula ) of food is she on?

Most cat allergies are food or environmental ... Likely new kitty has a cold if it has a running nose or such
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Lucy is on Exclusive brand cat food and it says it's a hairball relief formula.

I bought a bag of Prairie and offered her and Ollie a bowl of it but they declined. I am giving it to the new boy just in case it helps his allergies.

My dog friends say a stripping knife is the same as a furminator only cheaper!

I was uncertain if cat allergies cause a runny nose or just the skin symptoms. What are the side effects of steroids on cats?

Thanks! Rachel
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