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8 weeks! LOTSA PICS!

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Here are some pics of our oldest rescue babies

Where am I???

Today was their first time outside finally able to burn all that energy 11 lil bundles of hyper activity! Orange kikis are older by a couple days.

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Love the little calico with the black dot on her nose.
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Um, yeah...can I place my order now ?!

I'll take one calico -- preferably with some white and an absolutely adorable black "birth mark" on her nose. And, also a black and white tuxedo kitty with a fluffy tail, black beard, and cutie-patootie black-marked nose.

Oh, wait, I think I need to also add to my order a cute buff kitty, what looks to be a torbie, and, well, what the hey, I'll take the red kitten too. And, just 'cause it's so cute, lets throw in the tabby and white for good measure. You know, I wouldn't want to split up the group.

That's free shipping for anything over three kittens, right ?

Seriously, though, they're all gorgeous .
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So cute. Looks like they are enjoying their jungle time.
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awww so sweet
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Jungle kitties!!! They are all adorable
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Awwwwww, those babies look so tiny in the big, wild outdoors--so cute, too.
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Alison Joy lol! no promises about free shipping These babies are ready this week. next week my other two litters wil be ready! (I had 5 in total I will NEVER believe my vet when he says " it wont be THAT bad" now he says it wasnt his fault that it was just the mother cats taking advantage of me.

TO explain why in my insanity I have 5 cats with kittens. I found a low cost vet that will S/N any cat for $15 as long as they are not pregnant or in heat.

I have been S/N our local feral for awhile but its such a slow process b/c I was paying $35 for a nueter and $50 for a spay.

So I got busy catching some of the ferals from my work and with permission from some of the neighboring farms. I had them examined and 4 were pregnant. No biggie Then a neighbor calls me about a momma with 4 kittens

SOOO I have the two mommas with kittens that are 8 weeks old this week (7 and 4) .
Another litter is 8 weeks old next week.(5) and then the momma with kittens that the vet is saying will be ready next week as well. (4)

then I have the 2 week old litter (5).

ALTHOUGH! good news! Finally in our area there are 2 groups trying to start up no kill shelters! And both have contacted me and want me to partner with them!! And next week they are having a fund raising thing and they are talking about me bringing my kittens and S/N contracts and the people that adopt get a certificate to S/N the kittens they adopt for free!!

They all slept well last night!!!

My favorite is the peach kitten! I have never seen such a pale orange kitten! and his eyes are just amazing as well!

Our cats cant stand all the lil fur balls and cannot wait untill its just the 4 of them. My poor Sassy just wants to be the baby of the family again
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you have 25 kittens 5 mama cats and 4 of your own? How do you have time for them all?? They are very cute!! Good luck with all the kitties!
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They are all adorable!! I love the way they all look like they are stalking their prey!
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Thankfully I have a big family! So everyone is involved with the socialization process! There isnt a momment when my younger sisters dont have a kitten in their arms. Thankfully my family is very supportive of all my animal rescue.

Gosh they have had 20 years to adapt to me having to try and help every animal I can

And Thankfully all the kittens are litter box trained! some of the Mommas still need to learn but hey the kittens picked it up fast!

Our cats are just spoiled we give them extra attention and treats they when this is all done maybe they will forgive me!!
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They are absolutely adorable and look soooo happy!
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