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I Hope I Made A Difference

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I had to stop into Walmart today, to pick up some cat litter (they seem to have the best price on Scoop Away.) While I was putting the litter in my cart, a woman and a young boy were looking at the Hartz BioSpot flea medication. I watched them look at the package, and read the directions. They were talking about the flea medications, and looking at treats for their cat.

I couldn't help myself....I apologized for intruding, but told them that I felt compelled to caution them against using that particular product. I told the lady that it is much safer for her cat to use flea medication that she gets from her vet. I explained that she could research the products on the internet, and she would find that Revolution, Frontline or Advantage is much safer, had has fewer reported complications and side effects, that the 'over-the-counter' Hartz flea treatments. She thanked me, and put the package back on the shelf. I passed her later in the store, and noticed that she didn't have the Hartz product in her cart. Yay!!! I hope I made a difference to her kitty!
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Sounds like you probably did. We'll keep our fingers Good on ya for trying, anyway.
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I have talked to managers of Pet stores and supermarkets where they sell hartz BUT if it does not come from the big shots at the head of their chains they won't do anything.

The big problem is those in the know have not got the information to the chain pet and regular stores. IF they did or if there was a way I could prove it I would take the info there myself and try to get the stuff pulled.
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I hope she goes to the vet and get the flea meds there.
My friend did not listen and her dog died from otc flea meds.
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Good for you for trying. I wouldn't have been able to go without saying anything either!
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Good for you!!
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Good for you ...
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