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o when the a/c comes on my little girl likes to sit by the vent in the kitchen and either smell the air or just sit by it,when i get close to her she runs to me,i dont think she is hot at all,i keep it cool just wondering why she does it?
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Maybe she just likes to? Stimpy likes to run up and stick his nose to the window fan when I put the fan in a window.
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Moose will run and stick his face in the fan and the air conditioning vents. I have no idea why!
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The air coming out of the vents probably smells different than whats in your house already. Also, if the air comes from ouside, they way just be excited about sniffing the morning news through the airconditioner.

Our Midori is an in/out kitty, mostly in though. When its too cold or wet to go out she still wants to sit in the open door and sniff the breeze.
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