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Handsome store greeter

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I went to the local Big Lots store this morning and was greeted by a very handsome fellow. He is a DMH black and brown tabby with big green eyes. He is a stray, but the employees say he stands out front and greets people every day as they enter the store. You can tell he has been in a few fights, he looks like a real tough guy, but he is sooo cute. He is kind of chubby for a stray, but apparently the employees feed him, as do many customers, including myself. The cashier said he just showed up one day and does not seem inclined to leave. They have adopted him as the unofficial store mascot.
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He's not a greeter. He's looking for "his" person!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
He's not a greeter. He's looking for "his" person!
I agree.

Can you call a rescue in your area to help him? He sounds so sad especially looking like hes been in fights

You can go onto, put your zip code on the left and get a list of rescue organizatons in your area.
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Awww he seems like a real cute kitty, hopefully he will find a forever home real soon!
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I agree that he is probably waiting for his person to find him. He looks right into the face of each person that goes into the store. He doesn't seem sad, though, just curious.
Unfortunately, the no-kill rescues around here are full. I thought about trying to help him, but he is in a better position than most strays. He has all the food he can eat, a place to go in bad weather, people that protect him, and vet care paid for by the store employees. All his wounds are healed and he is neutered. I don't think his caretakers would be very happy about him being removed. The employees sit outside during breaks and play with him. They are just crazy about him.
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Maybe one of them can take him home? Is he kept inside at night - like in an office or something?
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Hopefully someone helps that kitty, he may have it better than some strays, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve as good as pets on here have it.
Hopefully he can find a safe home and good person to belong to soon where he can live a long happy life as a much loved pet, with no extreme weather, rain, snow, storms, etc. where he can't escape. Living a parking lot doesn't sound safe or appealing, especially since he has been in a fight before. Who takes him to the vet and buys him good food and makes sure he has clean access to drinking water or a soft bed?
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The store employees chipped in and had him vetted. He doesn't exactly live in a parking lot, there is a 12 foot wide overhang in front of the small shopping center where the store is. They told me he never goes out to where the cars are. They let him in the store when the weather is really bad, otherwise he sleeps in a fenced enclosure where a pottery barn used to have their outdoor stuff.
I wish he had a furrever home, and maybe he will allow one of the store employees to take him home at some point, but for now he seems content and fairly safe where he is. I am going to keep an eye on him when I get a chance to go there.
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I dont mean to be drilling, its just sad to know that there are mean people out there who dont love cats like we do and to know that anything could happen from many different directions, to what seems like a friendly kitty, who obviously loves people.

I know you said people are looking after him, but you could explain to them the true dangers for a cat exposed to so much like that.

On petfinder, its not just shelters that are listed on there, but rescue groups, who operate completely separate from shelters. Its their sole purpose to rescue kitties like this, its what they do. They have resources and contacts and people who trap kitties, foster kitties and find homes for them. They make sure kitties like this are safe.
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