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Tigger is now an Angel

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My Best friend Ann's (Tigger42065) kitty, Tigger, crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He was 12 days shy of his 16th birthday

I know Tigger is healthy now and playing happily with the other Rainbow bridge kitties. Nike, Bella and Snoopy(dog) were all there to greet him I'm sure.

Tigger, you look down on your Mom and keep her safe, she is SO sad to have lost you, she needs to feel you near her

You are dearly missed sweet boy

Here is my sweet furry Nephew:
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Have fun at the Bridge Tigger, you going to be missed by your mum so much right now, and for the weeks, months and years to follow

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poor tigger...
I´m really so sorry for this lost-....
RIP to him... my prayers for his soul...
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Many thoughts coming that way for Ann for you.

Rest In Peace sweet Tigger
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What a Handsome Boy! Rest in Peace Tigger.
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What a lovely boy.

RIP Sweet Tigger
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Rest in peace dear Tigger
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Thank you Aunt Helen for your memorial to Tigger. You know that you were his fave Aunt because you SPOILED him so much with all those great kitty toys and treats you always brought him when you visited. It's hell sitting here without him next to me
I know that he is happy and healthy now with Nike, Bella and Snoopy.
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Thank you everyone for all of your words and thoughts for me and Helen (Bella713) on our loss of my baby Tigger. I appreciate everybody's concern and it makes me feel less alone knowing that you all understand! Thanks again!
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So sorry you have lost your handsome boy I`m sure he will be watching over you now

Rest In Peace Tigger
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RIP Tigger!
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He's such a beautiful boy. Rest in peace, sweet angel.

Huge hugs to you Ann and Helen.
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Aw, I'm so sorry. He was a beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!

Rest in peace, sweet Tigger.

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I`m so sorry for your loss.That one part of being close to an animal,be it cat or dog or bird,etc.,that is never easy to deal with.

I remember when my former landlord had to put down his cat of 22 yrs! Seriously,22 yrs.Most people don`t even have friends for that long!

Just keep in mind how beautiful and happy you made your feline friend and she allowed you to be more human and more alive.

God bless
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