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Interesting feral dynamics

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I went in the room a few minutes ago to visit Whisp. She readily comes out to see me now, hisses twice (which I ignore) And I pet her anyway, then she rubs all up and down me and doesn't want me to stop petting her.

I put her lunch down on the floor, and as she was eating, I let Taz in to see her.

Now I am sitting on the floor, and so Whisp walks over and sniffs Taz and they greet, with no confrontation. Whisp is rubbing on me now, so Taz walks over to the food, and Whisp rushes up and runs him off with body language only, no aggressive tendencies showing. Taz then walks over to me, and the minute I reach out to pet her, Whisp rushes over, runs Taz off and gets the pet! LOL Taz, the unstoppable goes back to Whisp's bowl, Whisp rushes over- runs Taz off, so Taz comes back to mom and Whisp rushes over! LOL

I figured poor Whisp would keep this up all day, so I scooped Taz up and went to carry her out of the room. The minute I had her in my arms, Whisp who was behind me, reached up and started to crawl up the back of my legs- OUCH! I finally got loose, and took Taz out of the room, came back and gave Goofy Gus her praise- but that one game of tag your it between me and the food gave me the giggle fits!
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Silly Whisp! "It's MINE! All of it - the food, the person - MINE!!!!!"
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She slept on the bed with us all night last night! Maybe it was self-preservation on her part though, because both Kenai and Rugby were in the room, and right now, Rugby can't get on the bed- though he tries! LOL
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The taz - Whisp interaction cracks me up. Too funny!

I can't believe she slept in bed with y'all. Perhaps that huge racoon did a good thing by lunging at her since it "forced" her to learn what a good kitty-mommy you are!
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I was surprised as well- she has gone from hiding under the bed, to hiding under the chair, to hiding in her box to sleeping on the chair to sleeping on the bed and Mike said last night she even crawled up on his chest!
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Oh my gosh WOOO WHOOOO! She just climbed on my lap walked up my chest and nuzzled my chin! My heart is turning cartwheels!

Then of course she remembered who she was and what she was all about and bit my hand on her way off my lap! LOL
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Now she is out in general population. She is laying on the couch next to Mike looking suspiciously at the television. I'll leave her out for a little while to get her scent through the house then put her back in the bedroom. Most of the cats are out back laying in the grass.
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That's wonderful!! And here you thought she would hate you for a long time. Sounds like she realized who her rescuer was, well at least for little bits of time.
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She isn't fooling me, she just doesn't want to run into that coon again!
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And she has been blended! I did my food call this morning and all the cats came on a run those inside and outside- and in the middle of them all.......guess who? I am so proud of her, she has adjusted here so well. I guess that raccoon gave her a reality check.
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Hey Congrats!

I'm glad she has settled down and is becoming a snuggle bug!
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She came in last night in the middle of the night and jumped on our bed! She was released outside a few days ago with the gang, and has for the most part been in the hay barn. Last night, she came in through the cat door and slept with us!
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That is so wonderful. It must warm your heart every time she comes in to say Hi.
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