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So this last semester was extremely stressful and numerous times i wanted to give up. I decided to take 19 units (6 classes) one being a journalism class where I had to interview people for articles in real newspapers (like a freelance journalist) and it took up a lot of my time. Anywho I was dreading getting my grades becuase i spent too much time on the journalism class instead of studying as much for my other classes. WELL........I got 4 B's and 1 A as of now i am waiting for the last grade which i think will be an A. I am sooo excited, i honestly thought i did much worse!! Especially in my math class! All my hard work paid off! I need to get good grades to get into a good graduate school. Just thought I would share as i had been waiting for these grades for over a week now, today was the last day to post grades lmao all my teachers but 2 waited to post them this evening at like 7pm made me sweat it out!! lol
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Good for you! I remember my college days, it's hard work, but oh my is it worth it when those grades come in! Great Job!
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Congrats!! Good lord, that's a big class load! I admire you SO much for being about to do that so well! Don't you just hate it when they wait until the last minute to post grades. I always thought that was their personal pay back for all the crap the students put them through for 3 months. Still...the waiting is the hardest part.

Good job!
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Thank You!! If I didnt have work or my horses things would have been less stressful lol. I swear that is what my teachers did!! They wanted to give payback to us all, especially my math teacher....i know he hated our class...all 200 of us!! lol. I still have one more grade.....it is almost the end of june 1....i wonder when she is going to post it!
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I know between working 20 hours + a week and going to cat shows every weekend my grades aren't as good as they could be. I'll be content with B passes for my papers this semester.
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Thank You! I found out my last grade was an A. I am just shocked i didnt get any Cs!! I normally get Cs in any science or math class I take becuase even if I study....i still dont understand it! Good Luck Wellingtoncats!! Im sure you will do great on your finals!! Sending good luck vibes to you
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