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"Beastly" trip to NYC!

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My boyfriend and I just returned from a long weekend in New York City. We had lots of fun... and this was an animal-filled trip to be sure!

Sorry -no pics -I took my camera but forgot to put the battery in it... duuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Anyway - on Liberty Island - where the Statue of Liberty is - we stopped to get a snack and tho it said don't feed the birds, well... couldn't help it! We had pigeons, sparrows and starlings competing for tasty bits of my sandwich bread --- the funniest thing was .. I tossed a grape onto the next table - quick as a flash a starling was there... speared the grape with its long,pointy beak and flew away to a safer location to devour the fruit. He knew EXACTLY how to handle that round thing! It was too funny.

Then - in Battery Park, some guys were trying to get people to pose with snakes and pay for the photos - not just any snakes.. .HUUUUUUUGE snakes - an albino Burmese python, a red-tailed (????) boa and an enormous regular burmese python who didn't like being in the cooler he was in - he bumped and bumped with his head til he knocked off the top... and streched out until his head was resting on the edge... flicking his tongue in and out as if to say.. whhasssssuuuuup!! I was brave enough to touch them. They are amazing animals but I wouldn't want to own one.

We went into Greenwich Village for dinner --- and met a couple of shopcats, Lulu and Scummy. My boyfriend said Scummy was shaped like a footstool! Big grey cat. Lulu was a petite, Oriental-looking torti.. who purred and purred and drooled for us! There was a third - Reade - who was a little shy and hiding - big black polydactyl.

We also met Mackie the Malamute - who was singing for us ahrooooooOOOOwwoowwwoo........ YOu'd say, Hi, Mackieeeeee and he would answer... ahhhrrroooooowwOOOOooowooooo. Too funny. He was an old boy - 12 -and had something to say about everything!

Went for a stroll last evening ---down Central Park South with those horse drawn carriages are lined up for rides in the park. One big grey horse was half- standing on the sidewalk... so I approached cautiously, talking to him softly... and he let me rub his head and nose!!!! He even put his head down for me to rub... good boy!!!!
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I'm so totally envious!! You make NYC sound so inviting. I'm so totally a country girl and terrified of cities that I don't know if I'd ever get there, though I'd like to one day.

I'm glad it was such a good trip for you!
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